Three of Swords & Seven of Pentacles Tarot Card Combination and Meaning

The Three of Swords and Seven of Pentacles Combination in Tarot Readings

When a tarot reader draws the Three of Swords and the Seven of Pentacles in combination, it can signify a complex and sometimes difficult situation. The Two of Swords is one of the most frequently misunderstood cards in the tarot deck, but its meaning becomes even more layered when paired with the Seven of Pentacles.

The Three of Swords: Heartbreak and Betrayal

The Three of Swords typically depicts a heart with three swords piercing it. This card signifies heartbreak, betrayal, and intense emotional pain. It can also represent a painful realization the querent needs to make to move on with their life. When interpreted in combination with the Seven of Pentacles, the Three of Swords represents difficult lessons that you are being forced to confront as part of your personal growth journey.

The Seven of Pentacles: Investment and Growth

The Seven of Pentacles depicts a farmer standing in his field, looking at the fruits of his labor. This card represents hard work paying off, investment, patience, and growth. When interpreted in combination with the Three of Swords, the Seven of Pentacles represents the need to stay patient and committed to your long-term goals, even in the face of setbacks or emotional pain. It's a reminder of the importance of being grounded, practical, and persistent in approaching tough times as part of your personal journey.

The Overall Meaning of the Combination

Taken together, the Three of Swords and Seven of Pentacles combination represents a difficult but necessary part of your journey. It's about recognizing that heartbreak and pain are temporary and that you need to keep working towards your goals, even when it feels like the world is against you. This combination symbolizes the importance of staying patient, grounded, and committed to your long-term goals as you navigate the complex emotional landscape that comes with personal growth. Take the lessons you learn from this combination and use them to continue to grow and evolve on your journey, always mindful that tough times can ultimately make you stronger.