Four of Pentacles & Ten of Pentacles Tarot Card Combination and Meaning


Tarot card readings have been used as a tool for divination for centuries. Each card holds a unique meaning that can be interpreted in different ways. A tarot card reading involves the interpretation of individual cards and combinations of cards. In this article, we will explore the meaning of the Four of Pentacles and Ten of Pentacles tarot card combination.

Four of Pentacles

The Four of Pentacles card represents material security and stability. It is a card of possession and control, with the figure depicted holding onto four pentacles tightly. The card can indicate a need to protect one's resources, but it can also indicate a fear of letting go and being open to change. The Four of Pentacles can represent a period of financial stability and security or a lack of generosity and trust in others.

Ten of Pentacles

The Ten of Pentacles card represents wealth, prosperity, and abundance. It is a card of financial security and success, indicating a strong family and community support system. The card can also represent the passing down of generational wealth or a strong inheritance. It is a card of achievement and reaching a point of financial and material satisfaction.

Four of Pentacles and Ten of Pentacles Combination

The combination of the Four of Pentacles and the Ten of Pentacles can indicate financial stability and security achieved through hard work, diligence and a caretaking mentality. It represents a desire to hold onto material possessions and maintain the wealth and abundance that has been achieved. This combination can represent a family legacy, where inherited wealth has been passed from generation to generation, and the current generation is enjoying the fruits of that labour. The Four and Ten of Pentacles tarot card combination can also indicate an overemphasis on material possessions and security, leading to a lack of generosity and trust in others. The pursuit of wealth and financial security can preoccupy an individual and lead to neglect of spiritual and emotional well-being. This may result in a loss of relationships and meaningful connections.


The Four of Pentacles and the Ten of Pentacles combination represents the balancing of material wealth and emotional well-being. It is necessary to value and protect material possessions, but not at the cost of losing important relationships and connections with others. This combination calls for a need to find balance in financial success and spiritual growth. A tarot card combination reading can provide insight into different aspects of life, allowing individuals to make decisions and gain clarity about their current situation.