The Sun & Ten of Pentacles Tarot Card Combination and Meaning


Tarot card combinations can tell a story that is unique to each person and their particular circumstances. The combination of The Sun and Ten of Pentacles is one such combination that holds a significant meaning. This article will delve into the individual symbols and meanings of these cards and how they work together to reveal a broader message.

The Sun

The Sun is one of the most positive tarot cards in the Major Arcana. Depicting a bright, shining sun in the center of the card, surrounded by sunflowers, The Sun represents a period of happiness and joy. The card represents success, accomplishments and highlights the need for self-confidence, optimism and enthusiasm. The Sun often comes up in readings indicating a time of good luck and radiating positivity. The Sun Tarot card is also associated with new beginnings and can suggest that the person is about to embark on a new journey, full of potential and promise.

Ten of Pentacles

The Ten of Pentacles is a card from the Minor Arcana and represents abundance, prosperity and material wealth. This card depicts a family gathering under an archway, surrounded by ten pentacles, representing generational wealth and accumulation of assets. It's a card that highlights financial stability and the achievement of a long-term goal. The Ten of Pentacles often appears in readings to show that the querent will be receiving an unexpected windfall or reward. It can also indicate a financial inheritance or a successful investment.

Combination Meaning

The Sun and Ten of Pentacles combination signifies a period of happiness and financial success. Together, they indicate that the person's goals and hard work are going to pay off, providing a great sense of material security and confidence. This combination is a sign that the person will experience a period of abundance and wealth in their life. They will feel great positivity and confidence to achieve their goals, overcoming any obstacles that they may face.

Career and Finance

The Sun and Ten of Pentacles combination can indicate that the person will be successful in their career and that their hard work will be rewarded with financial security. They may experience a promotion or a pay rise, leading to increased wealth and potential investment opportunities. This tarot card combination suggests that the person should maintain a positive attitude in their professional life and be open to new opportunities.

Love and Relationship

Regarding love and relationships, The Sun and Ten of Pentacles combination suggests that the person may meet someone who offers financial stability and prosperity. They may also enter a relationship that leads to a sense of lasting security and happiness. This combination is a sign that the person is in a good place to enter into a new relationship or that existing relationships will grow stronger and more stable.


The Sun and Ten of Pentacles combination can highlight the importance of gratitude and positive thinking. This combination encourages the querent to maintain an optimistic outlook, focusing on their blessings to attract more of the same into their lives. It can also indicate that the person may experience a spiritual awakening, leading to an understanding of the connection between prosperity and positivity.


In conclusion, the Sun and Ten of Pentacles tarot card combination is a symbol of happiness, material comfort, and prosperity. It highlights the importance of positive thinking, hard work, and confidence in achieving one's goals. This combination represents a period of financial stability and success, and it encourages the querent to maintain a positive outlook and be open to opportunities that may present themselves.