Six of Wands & Ten of Wands Tarot Card Combination and Meaning


Tarot cards are powerful tools of divination that offer insights into both our inner world and the outer events that shape our lives. One of the critical aspects of tarot reading is understanding the meanings of different card combinations. This article explores the significance of the tarot card combination of Six of Wands and Ten of Wands.

Six of Wands

The Six of Wands represents victory, recognition, and success. It is a card of celebration and triumph, indicating that the querent is on the path to achieving their goals. The card shows a rider atop a white horse, wearing a wreath of laurel leaves, and holding a wand in their hand. The rider is surrounded by crowds of people cheering and waving their own wands. The card represents a sense of accomplishment, pride, and public recognition of one's efforts.

Ten of Wands

The Ten of Wands represents burden, struggle, and responsibility. It is a card that depicts a man carrying ten wands, struggling under their weight. The card symbolizes the feeling of being overloaded, of carrying too many responsibilities and obligations. The man in the card looks exhausted, bent under the weight of the wands, and unable to move forward.

Meanings of the Combination

When the Six of Wands and Ten of Wands appear together in a reading, their combination suggests that the querent is experiencing both the highs and lows of success. On the one hand, the Six of Wands indicates that the querent has achieved a significant victory, is receiving recognition and may be in the public eye. On the other hand, the Ten of Wands shows that they may be feeling the burden of responsibility and struggling to manage it all. This combination may indicate that the querent is dealing with increased responsibilities at work or home, leading to burnout and exhaustion. They may be experiencing the pressure to maintain their success, leading to workaholism, and feeling like they can never take a break. In some cases, this combination may also suggest that the querent needs to learn how to delegate or ask for help if they are to maintain their hard-won success. Alternatively, this combination may indicate that the querent is in a leadership role, where they are not only responsible for their own success, but also for the success of others. The Six of Wands in this context indicates that the team is doing well, achieving their goals, and receiving recognition. However, the Ten of Wands shows that being a leader is not an easy task, and the querent may be struggling to manage their team's workload, leading to exhaustion.


In conclusion, the Six of Wands and Ten of Wands tarot card combination suggests that success comes with a price. While the Six of Wands indicates that the querent is experiencing success and recognition, the Ten of Wands shows that they may be struggling under the burden of responsibility. This combination underscores the importance of learning to balance success with self-care and delegation. Overall, this combination offers a crucial reminder that success is not just about winning but also about maintaining one's well-being while doing so.