Ten of Wands & Ten of Cups Tarot Card Combination and Meaning


Tarot card combinations hold a wealth of symbolic meaning that can offer insightful guidance for our daily lives. In this article, we will explore the meaning of the Tarot card combination of the Ten of Wands and the Ten of Cups. This combination involves two powerful cards from the Minor Arcana that provide valuable insight into our emotional and physical burdens and our sense of fulfilment and happiness.

The Ten of Wands

The Ten of Wands is a card that depicts a man carrying a heavy load of ten wands. He is hunched over and appears to be struggling under the weight of the burden he carries. This card symbolises the sense of being weighed down by responsibilities or obligations that have become overwhelming. It represents the feeling of being duty-bound but also feeling trapped and burdened by these responsibilities. It can also signify the need to prioritise and lighten the load in order to regain a sense of control and balance in one's life.

The Ten of Cups

The Ten of Cups is a card that depicts a happy family celebrating together under a rainbow. This card represents emotional fulfilment and happiness, often related to family and relationships. It is a card of harmony, contentment, and joy, and suggests that we have achieved a state of inner peace and satisfaction.

Combined Meaning

When the Ten of Wands and the Ten of Cups appear together in a reading, it can suggest a mix of conflicting emotions. On one hand, the Ten of Cups represents contentment and happiness, while the Ten of Wands represents feeling weighed down and overwhelmed. This combination can indicate that one's emotional fulfilment is being restricted or blocked by the burden of responsibilities they carry. The Ten of Wands encourages a reevaluation of this burden, questioning whether it is worth carrying and if there are priorities that need to be readjusted. Alternatively, this combination can suggest that the responsibilities and burdens that one is carrying have the potential to prevent them from achieving true emotional fulfilment. It may indicate a need to delegate responsibilities or find ways to lighten the load in order to make space for greater happiness and contentment. The Ten of Cups provides hope that greater happiness and fulfilment are possible, but the Ten of Wands suggests work needs to be done to get there.


The Tarot card combination of the Ten of Wands and the Ten of Cups highlights an important aspect of balancing our responsibilities and emotional fulfilment. It reminds us that while our duties and obligations are important, they should not come at the expense of our happiness and sense of fulfilment. This combination provides valuable insight into the practical steps that must be taken to find a balance between the two, and encourages us to examine our priorities to achieve greater joy and satisfaction in our lives.