The Hanged Man & Ten of Wands Tarot Card Combination and Meaning


Tarot cards are known to be tools for divination or seeking guidance on one's situation. One of the most crucial aspects of tarot card reading is the meaning of specific combinations of tarot cards. This article will focus on the tarot card combination of The Hanged Man and Ten of Wands.

The Hanged Man

The Hanged Man is the twelfth card in the Major Arcana of the tarot deck. This card is represented by a figure with their head down, hanging from a tree branch, and their legs forming the shape of a four. It is a card that symbolises sacrifice, suspension, and letting go. The Hanged Man asks the querent to pause and reflect on their current situation as they look at it from a different perspective. It suggests that the person needs to give up something that is holding them back to move forward. The card also represents surrender and spiritual enlightenment through sacrifice.

Ten of Wands

The Ten of Wands is part of the suit of wands in the Minor Arcana of the tarot deck. The card depicts a person carrying a heavy load of ten wands, which often represent responsibilities or burdens. It is a card of pressure, stress, and overbearing responsibilities that can lead to burnout. The Ten of Wands often shows a situation where a person is struggling to carry several responsibilities, and it is becoming too much for them. The card calls for the necessary delegation of duties, setting of priorities and restructuring of work or effort strategies. It also encourages the person to seek help, even if it means letting go of their ego.

The Combination of The Hanged Man and Ten of Wands

When The Hanged Man and Ten of Wands appear together in a tarot card reading, it suggests a situation where the person is experiencing a point of crisis, stress, burnout or overexertion. The cards show that the individual is carrying heavy burdens and responsibilities that are causing them to feel helpless and stuck. The cards tell the querent that to overcome their present adversity, they need to realise that they cannot continue in the present direction of their life. They need to find a different approach to things by surrendering something. The Hanged Man calls for sacrificing one's ego and accepting the present situation as it is without trying to force a resolution. Surrendering will require the release of any attachments, biases, or opinions that may have tied them down. The Ten of Wands suggests delegating some of the tasks to people who can help lighten the load. Delegation may involve areas that the individual could not previously trust to others, but now these must be released. They may find that once this is done, they get a fresh perspective capable of shining a new light on their situation. Together, The Hanged Man and Ten of Wands call for the person to surrender and seek help when they find themselves overwhelmed by their responsibilities. They show that it is only by giving up something that is blocking them and seeking help that they will find clarity, gain strength and move forward.


The Hanged Man and Ten of Wands combination requires a change of mindset that involves giving up something and seeking help. These cards teach that although sacrifice and surrender may not be comfortable, they are necessary to release oneself from situations that hold them back. Surrender may be the only way of seeing other possibilities and opening new doors. Seek help, delegate, surrender and be open to a new approach.