The Moon & Ten of Wands Tarot Card Combination and Meaning

The Moon and Ten of Wands: Exploring Their Meaning Together

If you're a fan of tarot, the chances are that you've done countless readings and come across some pretty intriguing card combinations. In this article, we're going to take a closer look at the meaning of The Moon and Ten of Wands tarot card combination. Together, these two cards can provide profound insights into your past, present, and future.

The Moon Tarot Card: A Dive Into Its Meaning

Before we look at this tarot card combination, let's first understand the meanings and symbolism of each card individually. The Moon tarot card is one of the Major Arcana cards, which means it holds a strong spiritual significance. The Moon card represents mystery, intuition, and the unconscious mind. In this card, we see a picture of a full moon illuminating the path of two dogs and a crayfish. The dogs represent our primal instincts, while the crayfish symbolizes our unconscious thoughts and emotions. The Moon card reminds us that we need to trust our intuition and inner voice to navigate the unknown.

Ten of Wands Tarot Card: A Closer Look

The Ten of Wands represents the challenges and burdens that we can face in life. The card depicts a man carrying ten heavy wands on his back, symbolizing a weight that is a significant burden to carry. The Ten of Wands is also related to hard work and responsibilities. When this card appears in a tarot reading, it suggests that you may be taking on too much and may need to delegate some tasks to others.

Interpreting The Moon and Ten of Wands Tarot Combination

Now that we have a better understanding of each card, let's look at their meanings combined. When these two cards appear together in a tarot reading, they suggest that you may be dealing with a challenging situation that's affecting your emotional and mental state. The Moon indicates that you are experiencing confusion and may not be able to see things clearly. The Ten of Wands suggests that you are carrying a significant burden and taking on too much responsibility, leading to stress and exhaustion. This combination warns you that it's essential to pay attention to your mental and emotional health. You may need to take a step back and re-evaluate the situation carefully. It would help if you tried to gain clarity on the situation by using your intuition and inner voice to guide you. This combination may also indicate that you should consider delegating some of the burdens you're carrying to others to help alleviate your stress levels.

The Moon and Ten of Wands in a Love Reading

If you're doing a tarot reading for a relationship or love, this card combination suggests that you may be dealing with a complicated situation. The Moon represents confusion and uncertainty regarding your feelings and emotions, while the Ten of Wands represents the heavy burden that you may be carrying in the relationship. This combination indicates that you need to address the underlying issues and communicate effectively with your partner to move forward. It's also essential to take responsibility for your feelings and let go of any unnecessary burdens or responsibilities that are holding you back from enjoying a healthy relationship.

The Moon and Ten of Wands in a Career Reading

When this combination appears in a career reading, it suggests that you may be feeling overwhelmed and overburdened with work-related responsibilities. The Moon indicates that you are uncertain about your career path or unsure of your potential. The Ten of Wands suggests that you may be overloaded with work and may need to take a break. This combination reminds you of the importance of taking care of your emotional and mental health. It's essential to delegate some tasks and simplify your workload to avoid feeling overburdened. It's also vital to listen to your intuition, as it can guide you towards the right career path.


In conclusion, the tarot card combination of The Moon and Ten of Wands has a deep and multifaceted meaning. It is a reminder that we need to take care of our emotional and mental health, let go of unnecessary burdens and responsibilities, and trust our intuition to guide us through the challenges of life. Whether you're doing a love reading, a career reading or just exploring this combination in general, the insights gained from understanding these cards can be profound and transformational.