The Death & Seven of Pentacles Tarot Card Combination and Meaning


Tarot cards have existed for several centuries and continue to pique the curiosity and interest of many individuals worldwide. These cards represent various aspects of life and can provide insight into the future, present, or past. Tarot card combinations offer a comprehensive view of a person's situation by providing insights into several aspects of life. In this article, we will explore the meaning of the tarot card combination of The Death and Seven of Pentacles.

The Death

The Death is the thirteenth card in the Major Arcana and is often viewed negatively, but it is not as ominous as it seems. The card signifies an ending or significant change in one's life. The change maybe dramatic, representing the end of a significant cycle or a long-held belief. The Death card invites a period of transformation and renewal, helping us leave the old behind and embrace the new. When paired with the Seven of Pentacles, the Death card suggests that the end of a particular cycle may involve hard work and significant loss.

Seven of Pentacles

The Seven of Pentacles is the seventh card in the suit of Pentacles and represents patience and hard work. It signifies a period of waiting for the rewards of our labour to materialize, urging us to remain patient and trust in the process. When paired with the Death card, the Seven of Pentacles suggests that the hard work and patience invested in a particular project will soon come to an end. The card may also indicate that the end of a cycle is approaching, and we must begin evaluating the work done to move forward.

The Meaning of the Death and Seven of Pentacles Combination

The tarot card combination of The Death and Seven of Pentacles suggest the end of a prolonged period of hard work towards a specific goal or project. It may signal loss, although not necessarily physical, and a need to reassess our efforts to move forward. The combination assures us that the end of a cycle indicates a new beginning filled with potential and growth. The message of the Death card, coupled with the need for patience and perseverance expressed in the Seven of Pentacles, assures us that change is inevitable, and sometimes, we must let go of the old to welcome the new.


The tarot card combination of the Death and Seven of Pentacles may seem ominous, but the cards represent an opportunity to usher in lasting change and growth. The combination assures us that we must be patient and work hard to attain the goal we seek, and we must trust in the process. The end of a cycle may signify loss, but through reassessment and patience, we can welcome new beginnings and opportunities.