The Moon & Page of Cups Tarot Card Combination and Meaning


As we journey along the path of self-awareness through Tarot, we encounter various combinations of cards that hold unique meanings. In this guide, we will explore the significance of The Moon and Page of Cups tarot combination.

The Moon

The Moon is one of the Major Arcana cards, and it is a mysterious and powerful card that has different meanings depending on the context of the reading. This card often represents the subconscious mind, intuition, and our deepest fears and desires. The Moon can signify a period of uncertainty, confusion, or even deception. It can also indicate a phase of heightened creativity, imagination, or spiritual growth.

Page of Cups

The Page of Cups is one of the Minor Arcana cards and is associated with the element of water. This card represents new beginnings, creativity, and emotional sensitivity. It can signify a time of exploring new artistic ventures, discovering new passions, or connecting deeply with our emotions. The Page of Cups can also represent a message of love or an invitation to explore our feelings on a deeper level.

The Meaning of The Moon and Page of Cups Combination

When The Moon and Page of Cups appear together in a reading, it signifies a time of emotional turbulence, creative exploration, and intuitive awakening. This combination suggests that we are grappling with significant changes in our emotional lives or creative pursuits, and those changes are linked to our subconscious mind. On one hand, The Moon indicates that we might be facing internal conflicts or confusion, and we should trust in our intuition to guide us through this murky time. On the other hand, the Page of Cups urges us to explore our emotional depths, embrace our inner child, and unleash our creative potential. In this combination, the Page of Cups serves as a light in the darkness, offering a glimmer of hope in the midst of emotional turmoil. This tarot combination encourages us to keep our hearts open, remain curious, and stay connected to our intuition, even when life is uncertain and challenging.


The Moon and Page of Cups tarot combination is a potent reminder of the power of emotional awareness, intuitive guidance, and creative exploration. When we encounter this combination, we are urged to embrace our emotional depths, trust in our intuition, and unleash our creative potential. Through this combination, we are reminded that even in times of uncertainty and confusion, there is always hope for renewal and growth.