The Strength & Queen of Cups Tarot Card Combination and Meaning


Tarot readings involve interpreting the symbolism and meaning of individual cards and combinations of cards. One such combination is The Strength and Queen of Cups. In this article, we will explore the meanings of these two cards individually and in combination to offer a comprehensive understanding of this tarot combination.

The Strength Tarot Card

The Strength card is the eighth card in the Major Arcana and represents taming the beast within us. The image on the card depicts a woman gently caressing a lion's mane, displaying her inner strength and bravery. This card is often associated with courage, conviction, and overcoming obstacles through patience, determination, and a gentle approach. When the Strength card appears in a reading, it suggests that the seeker has the inner strength necessary to face their challenges. They are encouraged to trust in their abilities and approach their problems with grace and kindness.

The Queen of Cups Tarot Card

The Queen of Cups is a court card in the Minor Arcana and represents emotional maturity, intuition, and compassion. The Queen is depicted as serene and regal, with a cup in her hand symbolising emotional depth and healing. She embodies the characteristics of nurturing, sensitivity, and empathy. When the Queen of Cups appears in a reading, it suggests that the seeker should rely on their emotional intelligence and intuition to navigate a situation. They are encouraged to trust their feelings, remain empathetic, and be open to emotional healing.

The Strength and Queen of Cups Tarot Combination

When the Strength and Queen of Cups cards appear together in a reading, their combined message is one of emotional fortitude and grace. The strength and conviction of the Strength card combined with the emotional depth and intuition of the Queen of Cups offer a message of strength that comes from emotional maturity and empathy. This combination may suggest that the seeker has faced or will soon face a challenge that requires emotional strength and resiliency. The cards encourage them to remain calm, patient, and trusting of their abilities. They are also reminded to approach the situation with a compassionate and understanding nature. In relationships, this combination suggests a strong emotional bond that is rooted in empathy and kindness. The duo represents a relationship that is supportive, nurturing, and understanding.


In conclusion, the Strength and Queen of Cups tarot combination represents inner strength and emotional maturity. It communicates that the seeker has the ability to face hardship and come out on the other side with grace and understanding. This combination is a reminder to trust in one's own abilities and approach the situation with empathy and kindness.