The Strength & Ten of Cups Tarot Card Combination and Meaning

The Tarot Card Combination of The Strength and Ten of Cups


The tarot card combination of The Strength and Ten of Cups is a powerful and positive mix of major and minor arcana cards. The Strength represents inner strength, courage, and power, while the Ten of Cups represents happiness, love, and domestic bliss. Together, these cards create a message of strength through unity, inner peace, and the attainment of true happiness.

The Strength Card Meaning

The Strength card symbolises courage, determination, and inner strength. It suggests that you have both the physical and emotional fortitude to face any challenge head-on. It also represents your ability to control your emotions and harness your energy to achieve your goals. The card urges you to be gentle, patient, and compassionate towards yourself and others.

Ten of Cups Card Meaning

The Ten of Cups symbolises fulfillment, contentment, and happiness in personal relationships. It is often called the ""happily ever after"" card, indicating the attainment of emotional and spiritual fulfillment. The card suggests that you are surrounded by love, affection, and support from family and friends. It represents the joy that comes with fulfilling your role as a partner, parent, or friend.

Interpretation of The Strength and Ten of Cups Together

The Strength and Ten of Cups together are an expression of inner strength, emotional stability, and joy. The cards suggest that through your own determination, you have achieved a sense of unity and oneness in your relationships. You have found emotional stability and it radiates outwards, bringing happiness and contentment to those around you.

The Strength and Ten of Cups in Love and Relationships

In love and relationships, this tarot card combination suggests that you are enjoying a period of emotional fulfillment and contentment. It indicates that you have a strong connection with your partner and that your relationship is built on a solid foundation of mutual love and respect. Single individuals may be experiencing a sense of inner peace and contentment that enables them to attract a loving partner who values the same things they do.

The Strength and Ten of Cups in Career and Finance

In the context of career and finance, this tarot card combination suggests that you have achieved a sense of balance and contentment in your work life. You may have recently received recognition or a promotion that signifies your efforts have been successful. It suggests financial stability as well, where you are able to enjoy the fruits of your labour and share it with your loved ones.

The Strength and Ten of Cups in Health and Well-being

In the context of health and well-being, the cards suggest that you have the inner strength to overcome any health challenge that comes your way. You have the support of your loved ones to help you through difficult times. They may also signify that through meditation, mindfulness, and inner peace, you have achieved a sense of well-being that reflects in your healthy physical state.


The Strength and Ten of Cups tarot card combination is an inspiring and powerful combination of major and minor arcana cards that symbolises inner strength, courage, and joy. It suggests that through determination and perseverance, you have achieved emotional fulfillment and balance across all areas of your life, with the support of those closest to you.