The Tower & Seven of Cups Tarot Card Combination and Meaning

The Tower and Seven of Cups Tarot Combination

When The Tower and the Seven of Cups appear together in a Tarot reading, it is an indication that major changes are about to occur. The combination of these two cards suggests a sudden upheaval or disruption in one's life, which may require an individual to make difficult decisions and choices. The Tower represents a catastrophic event, representing destruction, change, and revelation. At its core, The Tower is an awakening, one that challenges us to face the truth and embrace the unknown. The Seven of Cups, on the other hand, represents illusion and confusion. It is a card that signifies the choices we make and ask us to face reality instead of living in a make-believe world. Together, these two cards show a situation where an individual is forced to face a harsh reality, after living in a false or dreamlike state. It is a call to action - a need to embrace the changes and choices that are required to move forward. It's important to remember that while the Tower can be a sudden, painful shock, it is also an opportunity to rebuild and start anew. Alternatively, this combination of cards can also indicate that the choices a person faces are overwhelming, and they need to pause before making any decisions. The Seven of Cups appearing with The Tower suggests that the person's mind is clouded or indecisive, and they need to clear their thoughts before moving forward. In love and relationships, this combination signifies a sudden break-up or disruption in the partnership. It is an indication that one or both partners have been living in a fantasy, and it's time to confront the truth. Alternatively, it may indicate that the relationship was built on a falsity and needs to come crumbling down before the truth can be revealed. In career and finance, this Tarot combination suggests a sudden change or upheaval in the career, such as losing one's job or a major shift in the company's direction. It indicates that the individual must take a hard look at their current career path and determine if it aligns with their true passions and goals. The Seven of Cups aspect reminds them not to let fear hold them back from making an important decision. In conclusion, The Tower and Seven of Cups Tarot combination is a powerful indication of full-fledged change and upheaval. This change can be painful, but it is also necessary for spiritual and personal growth. It's a reminder that we should embrace the unknown, face our fears, and move forward with courage and determination.