The Tower & Two of Wands Tarot Card Combination and Meaning

The Meaning of Tarot Card Combinations

The Tower and Two of Wands

The Tower and Two of Wands Tarot card combination is one of intense upheaval and change. It represents a major shift in a person's life, which could stem from a desire to embark on a new journey, or being forced to let go of something that is no longer serving the person.

The Tower Card Meaning

The Tower is one of the most challenging cards in the Major Arcana. It is a representation of destruction and chaos, and the symbol of the tower being struck by lightning signifies that major changes are imminent. This card is often associated with sudden upheaval, a dramatic turn of events, or the releasing of outdated beliefs and behaviours. The Tower represents a significant challenge, but it can also bring new opportunities and growth.

Two of Wands Card Meaning

The Two of Wands represents courage, confidence, and a desire for exploration. This card depicts a person holding a wand and surveying the world around them. The card represents a need for planning and strategizing in order to achieve a significant goal. The Two of Wands is a card of vision and forward thinking, as well as the need to take calculated risks in order to achieve success.

Combined Meaning

When the Tower and Two of Wands cards appear together in a reading, the message is clear: it is time to break free from the old and embrace the new. This combination can indicate a major change in career, lifestyle or personal belief system. The upheaval that the Tower brings might seem overwhelming, but it is the time for courageous decision-making and action. The Two of Wands offers guidance and encouragement to embrace new opportunities, take calculated risks and stay focused on the end goal.

Positive Aspects

The Tower and Two of Wands together represent an opportunity for growth and newfound freedom. It offers a chance to embrace new goals and opportunities with courage and resourcefulness. While the Tower may seem like a frightening card, it can be interpreted as an important shake-up that could ultimately lead to important breakthroughs and a brighter future.

Negative Aspects

The Tower and Two of Wands combination can be a difficult one to handle, as it brings with it a sense of upheaval and chaos. This combination can be overwhelming, and it can be challenging to see the way forward. However, this combination also offers the opportunity to let go of outdated beliefs and behaviours and start anew, so focusing on the positive aspects of this combination is essential.


The Tower and Two of Wands Tarot card combination is one that represents significant change, courage and a need for forward thinking. It can be a challenging combination to handle, but the opportunity it presents for growth and positive change cannot be overlooked. By embracing the energy of these two cards and staying focused on the end goal, this combination can offer a chance for newfound freedom and success.