The 6 Most Commitment-Phobic Signs (and 6 That Are in It for the Long Haul)

October 11, 2018

Navigating the dating scene can be tricky. It’s hard to decipher who’s looking for a long-term commitment opposed to who’s looking for just a fling. Thankfully, astrology can help us better understand the intentions behind our next love interest.

Yes, it can be simple as asking, “Baby, what’s your sign?” to discover whether that new hottie is going to be the one to put a ring on it – or  one who will rock your world, then bite the dust.

Depending on where you’re at in your love life, either scenario could work… but at least you’ll know what to expect moving forward!

Here’s what you need to know about the signs whether you’re looking for a low-key fling or a potential partnership.   



Both male and female Aries are impulsive by nature, so they’re no strangers to flings. They like to take chances and are aggressive by nature, meaning they can persuade you to try new things. Be cautious – they get bored easily and are constantly in need of a challenge. Try not to get too attached because they won’t.  


Naturally social and witty, Gemini guys and gals are experts at keeping things light and fun. No wonder this sign is perfect for a fling. They’ll love exploring with you, like at museums and the great outdoors, but they’re also pretty flexible with chilling. Their easygoing nature will make the inevitable breakup pretty cut and dry, a.k.a no drama.  


Lovable Libras love love, but these men and women can also be pretty fickle, so they have a tendency to flit from one relationship to the next. While you have their attention, they’ll shower you with affection and tons of understanding and support. Just beware they have a wandering eye and will probably follow it eventually.  


Leos are electric lovers, and are always up for something fun and exciting, and, of course, very glamorous. A fling with a Leo man or Leo woman shouldn’t be missed because they love to entice and thrill their object of affection, and live to be apart of a whirlwind romance. However, they’re dramatic so break up could be messy no matter how casual it was.  


Wandering adventurers with big personality, Sags are definitely of the “love the one you’re with” sort. They’re risk-takers and love to expand their boundaries, so you’ll definitely be pushed – and supported – to leave your comfort zone during your time with them. Because Sagittarius men and Sagittarius women are so into their freedom, most of them adhere to the “whatever happens, happens” motto, so they won’t take it too hard when you part ways.  


Unusual yet charming creatures, Aquarians don’t like to be kept within a box, which makes them perfect for no-strings attached arrangements. Although they can be pretty deep, Aquarius men and Aquarius women  actually don’t like to express or experience deep emotions, which means you don’t have to worry about catching feels.



The Bull not only craves stability and security, but they love love. It’s no wonder they are one of the very best partners in the zodiac. Taurus men and Taurus women will spoil you rotten and treat you right in the kitchen and in the bedroom. Remember: they are creatures of comfort and stubborn AF, so once they’re into you, they’re into you and will have a hard time letting you go.  


Looking for someone who’s sensitive, nurturing, and family-oriented? Look no further than the Crab. These empathetic homebodies are all about creating what they want most in the world: home. Both Cancer men and Cancer women will work hard to build a foundation with you and provide you with tons of emotional support, tenderness, and understanding.  


Virgos are committed creatures. Their intense practicality, due diligence, and high levels of standards make Virgo men and women experts at knowing who they don’t want, and more importantly, who they do want. So when they want you? They will want you for life. Although naturally cautious you’ll also be pleasantly surprised at their romantic (albeit meticulous) heart.  


Yes, both male and female Scorpios are intensely sexual, but they’re also picky with whom they share their deep sense of the world. They need to feel safe and respected as they share themselves with you, including their moody side, which is why they will only let long-term people into their lives and into their hearts. When they love, they love hard. And Scorpios really want to feel and find their true love.  


Capricorns are dedicated to their careers and achievements, so if they’re making time to see you away from work, you can believe you mean a lot. Because of their high standards and cautious nature, once a Capricorn man or woman gives their heart to you, it means they’re all in. Capricorns are mature, worldly, and want to create a stable life for their future partner and family. If a Capricorn sees you as their future, you better believe it looks good.  


Deeply sensitive and kind, Pisces forms emotional attachments easily, and when they fall, they fall hard. Pisces are looking for someone to dream and create with. Due to their sensitive nature, casual flings don’t work well with male or female Pisces energy, which is why they prefer to commit to someone. Things might move fast with a Pisces, but you can be sure it will be worth it if you let yourself flow with them.  

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Brianne Hogan is a freelance writer currently based in Prince Edward Island. She has a Capricorn sun, Pisces rising with a Taurus moon., so she’s practical, grounded, intuitive, creative but stubborn AF. Follow her on Twitter @briannehogan and on Instagram @briehogan.