Weekly Horoscope for December 31: Know Better, Do Better.

December 30, 2023

Say farewell to navigating life through a haze of confusion as Mercury retrograde bids adieu on January 1. In divine timing with the new year, the mist dissipates, and Mercury stations direct in the expansive realm of Sagittarius. Outdated beliefs are gracefully replaced by a more educated philosophy. Collective luck and fortune improve. Uncertainty passes as mental clarity and decisiveness pour in. 

Whether literally or metaphorically, life allows us to travel out of our comfort zone in thrilling, exciting ways. To make the first week of the new year all the better, ambitious Mars enters steadfast Capricorn on the fourth, where the planet of willpower thrives in its exaltation. This week, zoom in on what truly holds meaning and set aside the trivial. Channel this focused Mercurial and determined Mars energy wisely, for it has the power to propel you to new, undiscovered heights. Remember: Where your attention goes, energy flows.


I trust my instincts and intuition to guide me in making decisions for my highest good.


With Mercury stationing direct this week, Gemini, Virgo, and Sagittarius will experience the most relief. 

  • Beginning January 1st, the stars are aligned in Gemini and Virgo’s favor. With Mercury governing both of these mutable signs, its direct motion bestows a generous serving of clarity, solutions, and constructive communication. Misunderstandings fade as conversations flow easily. 
  • Sagittarius will feel back to their normal selves with Mercury retrograde stationing direct in their sign. This passionate, fiery spirit has learned invaluable life lessons. Now, they can move forward by applying their newfound knowledge with purpose and intention.



Remember: Most situations can be observed through many different lenses, and all viewpoints somehow circle back to the core energy of truth, Aries. Your solar ninth house, or the philosopher and moral compass within you, will sigh in relief this week. This Mercury retrograde has taught you the difference between right and wrong. That is, moral just-ness through your own eyes and lived perspective. As the planet of communication begins to regulate, it’s time to come to terms with the fact that others may not always dream the same vision. What’s most important is that you can hold to your values and opinions and share your code of ethics unapologetically. Live by your idea of authenticity. 


Teamwork makes the dream work. Who you can rely on, in which situations, and to what extent may have been confusing for you lately, Taurus. Mercury has been questioning your solar eighth house of intimacy and power dynamics. The good news is that Mercury retrograde is coming to an end this week, blessing you with the learned lesson of balancing total independence with total codependence to find the balance: interdependence. Now would be an ideal time to communicate boundaries, or inquire how to make family, friends, coworkers, or loved ones in your life feel seen, secure, and safe. Be reliable in your words and actions. Mutual loyalty is sure to find its way back to you.  


“Do they care about me, or just the idea of me?” may have been a subconscious concern in the back of your mind lately, Gemini. As your solar seventh house of relationships has been activated by the Mercury retrograde, there has been the need to reprocess and reevaluate who you are with others. Relationships often mirror back forgotten shadows of our past to heal. Now that Mercury is finding its firm footing this week, the alarm is ringing for you to get back up and brush yourself off. Have hard conversations, process your confusion out loud with loved ones, and ask for what you need to feel supported and seen. Communication will heal your dilemmas or, at the very least, bring clarity.


To be most productive, knowing why your actions matter and holding weight is important, Cancer. During this Mercury retrograde in your sixth solar house, it’s become more transparent why your daily routines, tasks, health, or responsibilities haven’t been feeling invigorating. This all changes as Mercury stations direct this week. You’re being called to communicate where you can serve others and where you need to conserve energy for yourself. You’ll find that your luck shifts for the better, as this transit likely taught you lessons about your physical limitations overall.


How many frogs have you had to kiss before finding your prince (or princess) charming, Leo? Or are you still looking? This Mercury retrograde highlighted your solar fifth house or your inner romantic. If discussions in your love life have recently challenged you, this week is a good time to patch up misunderstandings. On the other hand, single Leos may have found that the type of person they are attracting or are attracted to is changing. If it feels like it matters, don’t act indifferent. Remember the classic saying, “I’m a lover, not a fighter, but I’ll fight for what I love”? Put it into practice, and you’ll shine when Mercury stations direct.


Your past doesn’t define your future, Virgo. Your solar fourth house of home and family was activated this Mercury retrograde, or the inner child within you that craves to be nurtured. This was a deep time for you, as you re-lived and felt core emotions and thoughts that can be stemmed decades back, even into childhood. This week, Mercury stations direct, and you are called to rewrite your script. You were dealt a hand of cards. How will you play them? If you don’t want to repeat the pattern, try new ways to respond differently. You can be the adult that your younger self needs.


You know what you mean, but can you make others understand? This was likely a classic Mercury retrograde experience for Libras, as Mercury stumbled through your third solar house of communication and technology. If computers, cars, or phones have failed you, the good news is Mercury is beginning to regulate this week. However, the ball is in your court to deliver clear, crisp communication. If you’ve been avoiding initiating a conversation, giving or requesting an apology, or clearing the air overall, this week will ask you to make things right.


Money may bring you power, but can it replace what you value, Scorpio? Mercury retrograde ends this week, bringing smooth shifts to your solar second house of money and personal values. If you’ve had financial mismanagement or challenges, you are now more equipped to resolve the issues. Backtracking and reevaluating situations that impacted your sense of self-worth have likely been addressed. This week, put into practice what Mercury has tried to teach you. Reclaim your worth, and invest in yourself. 


Who you are is often just a reflection of what you believe you’re capable of. This retrograde season, Mercury tumbled through your solar first house of identity. Sometimes, it can be jarring to question who you are and what you want and think of your life’s direction, but starting this week, it starts to pay off tenfold. The days of questioning yourself are out. The time to trust your inner compass is in. Thriving, you may makeover your appearance to express your internal shift or tend to your body with more care. Show the world who you are, a free-spirited, passionate soul.


Your dreams may feel made up and imaginary, but they express what your consciousness cannot see. Mercury has been processing emotions via your subconscious and mysterious psyche. With the planet of intellect traveling your solar twelfth house, known to the ancients as “the underworld” of the places, it has been a sensitive time. Your dreams or sleeping patterns have likely been intense. Mercury begins to regulate back to normal. You’re integrating the past to catch up with your present and future. The emotions you’ve felt from the past are valid, even if you had a delayed reaction. Hold space for yourself to heal. 


To be brave, reach out for support when you need it rather than isolating. You’ve felt more distant from friendships due to miscommunications or busy lifestyles getting in the way. Extend the olive branch this week, Aquarius. Now that Mercury is no longer backtracking and confusing your solar eleventh house, your acquaintances, future goals and aims, and social life need stimulation. As much as you may feel it’s time to go within, you’ll feel more energized by connecting with someone or a group of people who get you.


It can be hard to slow down, even when we know we’re on the edge of burnout, Pisces. During this Mercury retrograde, you probably felt pushed to your limit to be productive without feeling connected to the purpose behind your actions. However, clarity comes in this week. Zooming out and looking at your life with a bird’s eye view shows you what legacy you wish to leave behind. Taking actions to align with your larger sense of purpose and contribute value to the world doesn’t feel like hard work. Strive to get closer to your labors of love.