Weekly Horoscope for February 25: In the Heart of the Sun.

February 24, 2024

This week, intuitive downloads lead to inspiration, romance, creativity, self-expression, and clarity. February 28 witnesses a Mercury cazimi at eight degrees of Pisces. Mercury, our planetary messenger, will yield bright intellectual superpowers as its delivery route leads it straight into the heart of the sun. There’s a lighting of insightful incense at the altar of our inner sage’s temple. Tranquility and introspection waft into the air, bringing us incredible visions. 

In the Piscean realm, dreams are not trivial longings but tangible realities awaiting embrace. Conversations or confessions of adoration, art that soothes the soul, music that uplifts the spirit, creative projects that propel vocations, and overall heightening of our wisdom body should come naturally. Shortly after, Mercury meets grounded Saturn. The planet of responsibility will anchor our channeled wisdom with fresh pragmatic routines to sustain the further expansion of our minds. 


My dreams are action plan messages from my higher self to implement.


Leo, Capricorn, and Pisces can expect the most enlightening week of the twelve signs.

  • Leo will feel inspired and self-expressive when their ruler, the sun, experiences a conjunction with Mercury, or Mercurial cazimi. 
  • Capricorn will experience heightened emotions as their planetary ruler, Saturn, grounds them in the truth of their higher selves perspective.
  • Pisces will experience revelations and spiritual harmony while the Mercury cazimi charges their life path with newfound opportunity.



Revelations and insight knock at the door of your solar twelfth house of spirituality and the subconscious, Aries. Are you ready to welcome in divine truth? As you peer through the peephole, you notice the warm, enveloping light of the Mercury cazimi. It seeks to shine a light on where you are of best help to others versus when you are venturing into unnecessary self-sacrifice territory. As the doorknob turns, the gift of compassionate boundaries, spiritual wisdom, and transcendence flood in. By the end of this week, it’ll become apparent where you need to release to make space for what your higher self has in store. 


When you feel confident in your foresight, good things are naturally magnetized towards you, Taurus. A newfound optimistic perspective is incoming this week, thanks to the Mercury cazimi. Now that you know better, you can plan better. Your solar eleventh house of future goals and aims shines bright, dispersing and dispelling ignorance and darkness. Your fear of what tomorrow brings is replaced by renewed confidence. Peering into the crystal ball, your higher self shows you all you can have and more. Trust the visions your inner fortune teller foretells.


To live like your role models, you need to embody their mindset first, Gemini. Your solar tenth house of purpose expands with this week’s Mercury cazimi. A renewed, hopeful point of view sweeps over your thoughts. This perspective allows you to see through the lens of abundance, bringing more expansion. What’s the role you wish to play in society? When you get an intuitive hunch regarding your career or professional life, follow the whispers of your inner voice. Higher wisdom guides you towards noble work.


This week’s Mercury cazimi puts into perspective what matters most to you, Cancer. As Mercury enters the heart of the sun, your solar ninth house of spirituality and philosophy warms up. You find great relief and comfort that it doesn’t matter if you are perfect. It matters most that you’re moral, just, fair, and do the right thing by your standards. Confidence surges and surrounds you as you make discoveries. This expansion of the mind allows you to plan to get out of your comfort zone to learn invaluable information and gain life experience.


The only constant in life is change. Your solar eighth house of the soulful psyche, a typically shadowy environment, is lit up by the Mercury cazimi. Consciously identifying your fears, you become more equipped to confront them. Welcome to the peace that comes with surrendering to life’s inevitable transformation. Your confidence is heightened by your surrender to what is out of your control. As you shed layers like a snake, removing what constricts your growth, you usher in your renewed empowerment.


The world can be difficult, but having even one person to turn to makes all the difference, Virgo. This week, the Mercury cazimi blesses your solar seventh house of relationships. Friends, family, and lovers gather around the heart that is your heart. As the days progress, you see with more clarity why each person in your life brings you value, helps you grow, and supports you in different individual ways. Everyone you surround yourself with plays a role in your growth. Each one should feel celebrated and appreciated. As you feel this warmth light up in your chest, express, showcase, and share it. Live with no regrets. Let them in, cuddle up, get closer.


Don’t wait for life to pass you by before you find enjoyment, Libra. By reflecting on your daily routines, you see just how nourished you are. Everyday life should feel anything but mundane. As you go through your habitual schedule, the Mercury cazimi will lighten up your solar sixth house of the everyday grind. How are you supposed to reach the next milestone if you haven’t rewarded yourself properly for your hard work up until now? Drive the scenic route home from work. Cook yourself something new. Buy yourself a colorful pen. You can find pleasure in the simple things.


This week’s Mercury cazimi flares your solar fifth house of romance and attraction. Exciting days are ahead, exploring through pleasure and lightheartedness, Scorpio. Creative projects in the work sphere knock on your door. If you’ve been stressing about how to perfect your life, let go of that heavy, impossible weight. Enjoy yourself, here and now, with whom and what you’ve got. The intellectual superpowers of this week’s Mercurial cazimi will showcase just how capable and deserving of love and fun you’ve been all this time.


The demands of the world will be calling your name, but your soul will be tugged toward more important matters of the heart, Sagittarius. As the Mercury cazimi lights up a bright fire in your solar fourth house of personal life, home, and family, you will feel drawn to nurturing behind closed doors. Go within. Prioritize whom and what you love dearly. It’ll become clear who your chosen family is. Quality over quantity connections propels you toward clear, steady, and reliable emotional waters. Home becomes a cozy hotspot as you snuggle up with new profound insight about who you are and where you belong.


A Mercury cazimi occurs this week in your solar third house of socializing and communication. Good luck keeping up with your agenda! Creative ideas, exciting inventions, intriguing conversations, and restless energy fill up your planner. As you schedule your busy days, be sure to pencil in time for introspection. Mercury urges you to clear your mind, prioritizing mental health over all else. Focus is your superpower. As new insights drop, you’ll be able to relate and conversate with others with more agility and mental clarity. Misunderstandings clear up, leading to healing with lighthearted humor. Or at the very least, you can expect empowerment via newfound rational decision-making.


This week’s Mercury cazimi in your solar second house of values teaches you that some things aren’t open for interpretation, Aquarius. When it comes to your sense of right and wrong, there isn’t much room for compromise or debate. Your moral compass will be your reliable guide throughout your days. If it feels off, it likely is. Putting your self-esteem first, surround yourself with people, ideas, work, and agendas that bring out the best in you. If a side of yourself is being pulled out that you don’t feel good about, it’s time to make new decisions. Updated choices and perspectives that lead you to authentic self-empowerment will change your trajectory this week. 


Spiritual and emotional downloads find you this week. The Mercury cazimi highlights your first house of identity and life path. As you progress throughout your days, take inventory of how much you have sacrificed for yourself for others or tough life circumstances. Schedule in time to reconnect with your essence. You will walk away from these days with an inner knowing of self, allowing you to walk forward with a deeper trust in yourself. As you begin to feel more grounded in your body, the universe begins to deliver you new, healing opportunities.