Weekly Horoscope for September 10: Peer Through the Sandstorm.

September 9, 2023

After weeks of life spiraling off track, the universe is ready to reward us with some happy news. Not only will Mercury retrograde in Virgo officially end on September 15, but we will also have an important new moon in this same zodiac sign that takes place on September 14. This double tap from the universe means that we are finally better able to understand how we are building our lives, routines, and health. This is a significant moment to recognize what is worth taking on — when it comes to responsibilities, plans, and projects — as well as what we must release because it is only weighing us down. Use the rocket of energy that takes hold this week to better strategize how you’d like to build out the remaining months of 2023.


I am worthy of health and choose health above all other things.


With the arrival of the new moon and the ending of Mercury retrograde, three zodiac signs will absolutely rejoice: Gemini, Virgo, and Sagittarius. These three zodiac signs are extremely affected by the movements of mental Mercury because Gemini and Virgo are ruled by this zodiac sign, and Sagittarius always experience delays around partnerships regardless of where our cosmic messenger is asleep. Luckily, Mercury retrograde is a cycle that fades rather quickly as we move away from it and soon it will just be like a memory fading in the rearview mirror once again.



Productivity is your ultimate focus now, Aries. This is an excellent period to consider taking on new responsibilities or projects with your employer. A new moon in your solar sixth house will arrive this week with a bang. Luckily, if challenges took place and left you furious with work and life, this week will finally allow you to slowly but surely proceed once again. If unhappy with your job or clients, look elsewhere to see where you can be better valued.


Romance sizzles for you this week, Taurus. You’ll feel ready for a cosmic blast of passion. Sex, dating, and intimacy could now appear with the arrival of the new moon in your solar fifth house. While you likely felt hiccups around matters of the heart, things are about to look significantly better. If single, this is the most important lunation of the year to put yourself out there and meet new prospective suitors. A soulmate could now be found.


Despite rocky roads recently, you’re about to get back on solid ground, Gemini. You’ll be moving and grooving! With the new moon arriving this week, you can soon assess if you’d like to move, renovate, relocate, or redecorate. This is because of the gift from your solar fourth house of domesticity arriving like a big great bear hug. Another beautiful use of this lunation would be to spend more time with your kindred, parents, and family.


Prepare to brainstorm delightful new ideas this week, Cancer. You’re generating a masterpiece! A new moon in your solar third house of communication is singing you sweet tunes! Consider using this cosmic reboot to update your credentials to become more competitive in your industry or begin a new course of study. However, this may instead encourage you to work on a writing, speaking, advertising, branding, or social media endeavor. Go for it!


With so much rocky weather in recent weeks, you’ll be eager for this week’s cosmic reboot, Leo. The time has come, so breathe at ease. A new moon in your solar second house of money will arrive and give you the opportunity to make more prosperity. Start a savings plan, assess your budget, or look for a side-hustle to help you monetize. A new job offer or raise could even be on the table. Regardless, consider how you can build your nest egg significantly.


A new chapter is finally arriving for you this week, Virgo. Dust off your vision board. Dream big. Know you are worthy. Not only will Mercury finish his retrograde, but a new moon in your zodiac sign — your solar first house of identity — will dawn! This will bring you an opportunity to consider your most important plans you’d like to build toward in your year to come. Then build a strategy and get moving!


Your intuition is especially sharp this week, Libra. Listen to the subtle rhythms of the universe. A new moon in your solar twelfth house will encourage you to lie low, relax, rest, and release anything that is haunting you. Finding peace, serenity, and closure are phenomenal ways of using this cosmic gift from the stars. If your anxiety has been intense, particularly because of the Mercury retrograde, meet with someone who can guide you in the right direction.


It’s time to connect to a tribe of people who love and support you this week, Scorpio. This will encourage you to socialize and find out many new perspectives from others. A new moon in your solar eleventh house will fire up in the heavens. Consider networking, meeting new people, volunteering, or even joining communities of like-minded individuals. On a romantic level, this lunation could get your dating life popping off.


Despite the challenging retrograde that has affected your professional life, new horizons await, Sagittarius. This week’s new moon energizes your solar tenth house of achievement and glory. You may soon hear exciting news regarding a promotion, new role, or even a competitive job offer. There may also be an opportunity to receive favorable press, public recognition, or a fabulous award. Aim high. Work hard. Snatch the throne.


Turbulent weather has taken hold lately and redirected you on your path, Capricorn. But remember: every turn is a blessing in disguise. Luckily, you could soon be ready to try new things, meet new people, and explore vast new horizons. A new moon in your solar ninth house of expansion will arrive. This could add long-distance travel to your docket now or in the year to come. If you’d like to immigrate or pursue international business, this is also quite in favor.


With all the back and forth in money, you’ll be shouting in victory this week, Aquarius. A new moon in your solar eighth house of wealth will shimmer like gold. If you start planning for the long-term and laying seeds of prosperity, you could win big. This is an excellent time to assess your investments and assets or meet with a financial consultant who can point you in a direction to monetize.


Reach out your hand to a sacred twin flame this week, Pisces. You will link fingertips! Not only will the Mercury retrograde phase stop bringing you confusion, but a new moon across the sky from you in your solar seventh house of partnership will also be born. If you are already in a healthy, happy commitment, you may decide to make long-term promises, move in, get engaged, or even be wed. Singles should use this fabulous vibe to draw up their future spouse’s list of traits.