Weekly Horoscope for March 31: Retracing Our Steps.

March 30, 2024

Hold on tight! Mercury stations retrograde on the first of April, starting the month with a twist. Mercury will backtrack its journey through the path of Aries to see if it can notice anything different on the hike after conquering it for a second time. With Aries being a fiery energy, this revisiting will bring us back to a time when we need to reclaim our power for our most authentic self-expression. 

Relationship-oriented Venus will join chatty Mercury retrograde in Aries on April 4. This will make us more prone to exciting high bursts in our connections, especially in conversation. Whether we can finish what we start is another story. Promises we cannot keep for the long term may slip off our tongues and require reassessment. Remember, take deep breaths. Skilled warriors don’t fight at every challenge; they pick and choose their battles wisely. 


It is my right to redefine my identity and life path whenever I feel disconnected from my truth.


Aries, Taurus, and Libra experienced rocky shifts this week.

Aries must slow down this week as communicative Mercury will retrograde in its sign and relationship-oriented Venus enters its detriment in Aries too.

Taurus and Libra may not feel like themselves as their ruler, loving Venus, enters its detriment in brash Aries.



Chatty Mercury stations retrograde and loving Venus enters its detriment in your sign this week—lucky you, Aries! Jokes aside, this is the prime time to reassess what direction you’re going in life and if it’s truly making you content. You get a second chance at a once-missed opportunity. It’s in your best interest to be open-minded and see the deeper lesson. Aries are known for their admirable authenticity. However, relationship miscommunications may be mistranslated by your inner critic, giving you a false sense of justness to go off on another in extreme. While there’s value in being direct or honest, don’t forget to be curious, ask for clarification, and give the benefit of the doubt. Stay true to yourself without burning bridges recklessly.


As Mercury retrograde transits your solar twelfth house of endings, joined by Venus in its detriment, it’s time to press pause. Trying to move forward with a ball and chain will not only make it more difficult to move forward but pretty much impossible to start anew. This week, self-defeating beliefs that hold you back will become evident. Will you let your past hold you back from finding happiness now?


The Mercury retrograde and Venus ingress in Aries will shake up your social life, Gemini. Mercury retrograde will be playing its games, so make sure your words are coming from the heart, not a trick of the mind. Friendships come and go throughout different phases of our lives, but for the good ones, it’s worth leaving the door open. People of the past may reach out, surprising you with their presence. A connection can especially come through social media or networks as your solar eleventh house is activated, so peek into forgotten chat requests.


Your solar tenth house of career activates this week during the notable Aries Mercury retrograde that meets Venus in its detriment, Cancer. Be careful of overcommitting, especially to new work projects or ventures, as chances of delays, miscommunications, or miscalculations are higher. As you reflect on your lifetime’s purpose, embrace a role in society that aligns with your vision. Although you cannot expect perfection of yourself, integrity is essential. 


As Mercury retrograde begins and Venus ingresses into Aries, you’ll find your solar ninth house of ethics is activated. Be careful inserting your opinion, or you may have to justify or over-explain yourself, Leo. While the ninth house represents law, you may find yourself literally in legal circumstances or rather feel the need to defend your honor in a metaphorical sense. As you navigate this week, give yourself ample time to think before you respond. 


Aries Mercury retrograde and Venus in detriment impact your solar eighth house of innermost emotions this week, asking you to get real, Virgo. Your soul will begin to reject what’s not truly resonating with you on a deep level. As you communicate your deepest desires, invite others to see the true you behind any surface-level mask. As much as you may want to keep things light, it’s time to rewrite your life’s script by facing your shadow side. As you face your fears, you befriend them. This is the ideal rather than allowing concern to control you.


As a Libra, you know relationships are important. Your solar seventh house of interpersonal connections is activated by Mercury retrograde and Venus in detriment this week. People who have hurt you in the past may reach out, or vice versa, seeking healing or reconciliation. Or, current relationships may reenact or readdress past patterns to nip core issues in the bud. Time is the true healer, and as you reprocess past interpersonal dealings, be sure to place yourself and your autonomous needs at the center of your decision-making.  


Your solar sixth house of service and generosity is activated by Mercury retrograde and Venus in Aries, also known as in detriment, this week. This week will remind you constantly that you cannot give from an empty cup or an unsure self identity, Scorpio. Take a moment to pause before compulsively giving your time, energy, or support. Are you giving from a place of knowing yourself and another, hoping to simply help? Or are you giving from a lack of self-care, neglecting your needs or how this could negatively affect yourself? Function within your capacity.


This week, introspective Mercury retrograde and interpersonal Venus in Aries shines consciousness on your solar fifth house of joy. Creative projects or hobbies once abandoned may resurface to be enjoyed again, Sagittarius. Past lovers may as well. What is essential this week is that you allow yourself to truly reconnect with your inner child. While life is full of ups and downs, it’s important to prioritize your happiness. Being content and grateful is a choice, so everyday this week, be mindful to focus on what really matters.


As Mercury retrogrades your solar second house of self-worth this week, and Venus in Aries causes relationship confusion, it’ll be important to reestablish your values. What makes you feel good about yourself, Capricorn? What makes you feel resourced and accomplished? What practical tools help you ground yourself? As you take this inner journey, be sure to externalize your findings. Share boundaries or needs with loved ones so they know how to connect with you in a way that makes you feel secure and safe.


This week is all about walking your talk, Aquarius. As Mercury retrograde and Venus in Aries hits your solar third house of communication, your chat will need to be A-game. Giving lip service but lacking initiative in your actions will lead to frustrated confrontations. If others are not holding up their end of the deal, be sure to be transparent in your expectations and reiterate your needs. Everyone needs a local community they can rely on, so be sure to give friends the benefit of the doubt or the chance to clear up any miscommunications if they occur. Be flexible and fluid in your opinions, and listen with intent to understand. 


Insecurities may make you more touchy this week, so be sure to give yourself ample self-love, Pisces. As Mercury retrogrades your solar second house of self-esteem, joined by relationship-oriented Venus, you become aware of where you’ve been selling yourself short. Some pawnshop buyers are known to downplay the value of a product to purchase it at a lower cost and flip it for a higher profit. The same can be true in relationships or social interactions at times. By undervaluing yourself, you start to believe you’re lucky for what you’ve got and do not ask for more. Curiously question what you are offered rather than eagerly assuming it is the best available for you. Higher standards, higher rewards.