Do You Know Your Limits? Exercise Self-Restraint or Prepare for the Consequences!

December 9, 2023

At 9:46 a.m.: The moon is sextile Mercury

In the morning, the Scorpio moon sextiles Mercury in Capricorn, inspiring serious discussions. We likely won’t anticipate going deep, but organically, conversations trend in that direction. We may use this influence to speak to friends and family about our plans for the future. We have specific ideas for getting where we want to go, and this is a good occasion to get their feedback. This aspect can also be employed to tackle busy work. Our focus is excellent, and we are committed to finishing what we start. 

At 7:35 p.m.: Venus is opposite Jupiter

The cosmic weather is then quiet until after nightfall, when Venus in Scorpio opposes Jupiter in Taurus, suggesting excess. After a day of strict concentration and intense conversations, we’re ready to let loose! Stress and self-discipline are forgotten, which is fine if we’ve completed everything on our agenda. However, outstanding work may now be carelessly tossed aside, setting our overall progress back.  Socializing, partying, and indulging in vice is our aim. If we pace ourselves, we should recover with a minimal hangover. However, if we are not keeping track of our body’s or our bank account’s limits, there will be repercussions. Remain mindful of your standards, and if you question your capacity for self-restraint, enlist a friend who can keep tabs on you for the night.