A Day of Release

March 19, 2023

At 3:33 a.m.: The moon is trine Mars, and the moon void of course begins

In the pre-dawn hours, the Aquarius moon trines Mars in Gemini, providing motivation to start the day. Under this influence, we assert ourselves through clever means, using our intellect to do the heavy lifting. Even if others don’t agree with our logic or methods, our confident tone can rally them around a project. People enjoy our company and want to be on our team!  Following this aspect, the moon enters a void period lasting until after sun-up. We may use this opportunity to gather our energy and make a final push to complete a project. If possible, avoid starting new tasks, as you may lose your enthusiasm for them once the moon switches signs. 

At 8:12 a.m.: The moon enters Pisces, and the moon void of course ends

In the morning, the moon enters Pisces, ending its void of course. We are now in the dark of the moon in the run-up to March 21’s Aries new moon. This is a space of culmination, not only relative to this past lunar cycle, but to the year as a whole!  Tomorrow, we enter the new astrological year! Reflect upon all that you have learned over the past twelve months. How have you grown and evolved? Give gratitude for highs and lows and have compassion for your process. Anything you don’t wish to carry into the next cycle can be released at this time!