Say what you mean! But…did you really mean that?

May 21, 2024

At 7:18 a.m.: The moon is opposite Mercury

After sun up, the Scorpio moon opposes Mercury in Taurus, scrambling our thinking. Our tone is blunt, but after the words leave our mouths, we’re stuck internally scrutinizing why we’ve said what we’ve just said. Second-guessing ourselves is good medicine now, but it won’t feel that way in the heat of the moment. Instead, irritability and frustration build up. Our intent is to express ourselves as clearly as possible, yet as self-doubt intensifies, we become more and more paranoid, assuming everyone else is scrutinizing our words just as severely. We risk going into attack mode, accusing others of having ulterior motives or keeping their true sentiments hidden. Personal prejudices can be revealed in a cringe-inducing fashion. We say the quiet part out loud, believing we’ve made an impeccable point, only to find that we’ve outed our own biases, and it is impossible to backtrack. Instead of going on offense, keep busy. With your hands and mind occupied, you’ll have the best chance of remaining unbothered.

At 8:03 p.m.: Mercury is trine Juno

However, at night, Mercury trines Juno, the asteroid of fidelity, in Virgo, rectifying communication difficulties. This transit helps us to quit stressing over what others might be thinking and to begin clarifying the disconnect in real time. Opt for straightforward, no-nonsense conversations. This will soothe your anxious mind and allow you to find common ground with others who are just as blunt as you. Tonight’s dialogues support resolving conflicts and putting terms in writing, figuratively or literally. While this aspect will support romantic partners in putting aside differences and setting things straight, it can equally aid in ironing out business affairs or in finding harmony in platonic relationships.