Taurus Daily Horoscope Yesterday

May 27, 2024

Keep your heart and mind open as the moon moves through Capricorn, dearest Taurus, forming supportive connections with Uranus and Neptune to stir up interesting developments. Have a little extra faith in yourself, trusting that the universe will assist you when chasing dreams. However, you'll need to get more serious about your end of the deal once Luna enters Aquarius later today, reminding you that goals are met through hard work. Luckily, Jupiter steps in to lend a hand, allowing you to break through barriers. Meanwhile, Mercury and Saturn connect, helping you gain the respect of your peers. Cap off the day by treating yourself to simple indulgences when Venus stirs.

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Daily Food Horoscope

Your emotions may be on full alert today, and there's no telling what could pull your heartstrings. Things of great beauty will be especially meaningful to you, with beauty, of course, being in the eye of the beholder. So it's okay to get all misty eyed as you watch piping hot cinnamon buns being pulled out of the oven. Go ahead -- let it out.

Daily Home Horoscope

You feel conflicted and pulled in many directions today. Try putting this inconsistency to use: Divide yourself between slow, laborious duties like organizing and physically charged tasks like taking the dog on a brisk walk.

Daily Dog Horoscope

You're in a hurry to scarf up the first scraps that fall your way, but you have enough at your disposal to afford being picky. Take your time. There's no sense in eating a green bean simply for its drop of gravy.

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Daily Teen Horoscope

Your fantastic friends are really there when you need them, whatever the situation may be. But would you return the favor? This is something to ponder -- if you're not sure, figure out why.

Daily Cat Horoscope

Express yourself to your human pals -- they need to hear how you're feeling! Your ability to capture nuanced emotion with a few yowls or purrs is unparalleled, and they might act on the info!

Daily Bonus Horoscope

There is no shortage of energy inside you! Celebrate your nuclear-strength power.