taurus Daily Horoscope for May 14, 2021

May 14, 2021

Friday’s skies make it hard to concentrate on reality, Taurus. The moon meanders through playful Gemini, encouraging you to find productive outlets to pour your focus. Yet, Luna’s disorienting clash with reality-bending Neptune can make it hard to stay focused. Be especially mindful of spending money to fill the void! Later, the moon dips into sensitive Cancer roping you into a variety of soulful conversations.

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Daily Love

You know your worth, so why invest your time and energy into something that isn't serving you, Taurus? Your glamorous planetary ruler, Venus, continues to activate your stability-seeking second house of rulership, bringing attention to themes that revolve around your investments, money-making abilities, and value systems. Both the moon and Mercury are simultaneously activating this area of your chart, but Luna will eventually square ambiguous Neptune, amidst its journey through your experimental eleventh house of associations, friendships, and sense of belonging in the world. If you're interested in someone, you might be re-evaluating their place in your world, but no need to overanalyze.

Daily Work

Taurus, your money is on fire, and you can feel properly compensated for your work. In fact, you can feel extremely busy today in general. This energy is manifesting due to four planets and points in Gemini in your second house of earned income and money. The moon, Mercury, Venus , and the North Node. Together this planetary alignment is calling attention to this area of your life and requiring more work. This is looking good for your wallet!

Daily Dating

Your ever-changing moods have settled in for a little bit, so expect more of the same intensity for a day or two. It's not so bad. Even if you're feeling down, at least you have dramatic flair!

Daily Bonus

Vision isn't just eyes. See the situation with your heart; the choice is obvious.