taurus Daily Horoscope for May 4, 2021

May 4, 2021

Don’t be afraid to dream big, Taurus. The universe is encouraging you to break into a new sphere of your career, but it’s imperative that your need for practicality doesn’t hinder your ability to envision fresh possibilities. The broadminded Aquarius moon chats with value-setting Venus and visionary Jupiter, helping you regain optimism towards your trajectory. Later, the moon’s entrance into Pisces points your focus towards friend groups.

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Daily Love

Cultivate your Venusian charms, Taurus. Your planetary ruler, Venus, continues to wander through your sign, caramelizing your exchanges while bringing you closer to your five senses, and your admirers can't seem to get enough of your energy. It's not every day you have the sun, Venus, and Uranus simultaneously transiting through your sign, so you might as well make the most out of this celestial synergy. The only catch here is, today's moon will ignite your bossy tenth house of authority, and simultaneously clash with flirtatious Venus in your sign. This challenging aspect could create a sense of fear regarding relatability, but not if you can help it.

Daily Work

Dear Taurus, your career is experiencing forward momentum today. Your tenth house of career and professional matters is being activated by the forward-thinking Aquarius moon’s connection with lucky Jupiter. This is triggering growth, expansion, and positive change regarding your work. Take time to create a vision board or think about where you see yourself in five years. What you believe you can achieve. This will help amplify and boost your manifestation even more!

Daily Dating

No matter who you end up connecting with today, you feel like you're wasting your time. The good news is that you're wrong, but it should take quite a while for you to realize that for sure.

Daily Bonus

Business is called business because it ain't pleasure, right? Or is it?