Taurus Daily Horoscope Tomorrow

July 13, 2024

Grant yourself the gift of a quiet morning at home or in bed, dearest Taurus, as the Libra moon and Mercury share a restorative exchange. You may feel torn between attending social events and catching up on personal errands when Luna and Saturn enter an unbalanced connection, though your own wellness should come first. Well-meaning advice could come across as criticism when the quarter moon rises midafternoon, while your energy would be better spent tending to your own affairs. Check in with your stress levels when Chiron becomes agitated this evening, investing in what you need to feel balanced.

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Daily Food Taurus Horoscope

Today could be one for just a touch of decadence. It doesn't have to be Felliniesque, perhaps just a little something that makes you feel all naughty inside. March on down to the confection shop, buy a box of Swiss chocolate truffles and dig in. You may have to take a cold shower afterward, but it'll be oh-so worth it.

Daily Home Taurus Horoscope

You may not be able to fight off your slow mood with all the coffee in the world, but why not embrace the mood with some molasses cookies? The slow pour of the molasses will be a perfect complement to your methodical movements.

Daily Dog Taurus Horoscope

You can charm humans but you can't fool dogs. They already know how to look beneath the surface. Luckily for you, you glitter as much on the inside as you do on the outside. No need for posturing or defensiveness today.

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Daily Teen Taurus Horoscope

Your field of vision just got way bigger than you're used to, and yesterday's crises seem like nothing in comparison. It's weird, but you're coming to like it.

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Your mind is deeper than anyone gives you credit for -- and you need to make the most of it! Spend some quality time perched up high thinking things through and you can make a real feline breakthrough.

Daily Bonus Taurus Horoscope

Jealousy has a way of turning good people into small people -- they'll get over it.