taurus Daily Horoscope for April 14, 2021

April 14, 2021

As a Taurus, you look faithfully to the planet, Venus, for cosmic guidance. Wednesday’s skies witness Venus on the move as she departs from hot-headed Aries and moves forward into your sign (where she’ll remain until May 8). Venus’ stay here increases your self-confidence and ramps up your personal magnetism, making it the best time of year to put yourself out there dating-wise or make updates to your aesthetic.

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Daily Love

Follow your heart. Take a leap of faith, Taurus. The moon continues to indulge in its sensual pleasures via your Venusian territory, emotionally binding you to everything from your bank account to your comfort zone. Single or taken, you're fixed in your ways, but this energy emphasizes the very essence of your element. However, being a stubborn Bull isn't always the answer, so try your best to consider your lover's needs in the process. Luna will also link up with dreamy Neptune via your experimental eleventh house of associations, community, and individual freedom, encouraging you to trust the kindness of strangers. The love you hold inside is all around you.


Daily Work

Taurus, stay strong in your value! You can be presented with new opportunities and projects around this time and you must negotiate your price. Know that the universe is providing you with support—so, all that is needed is to ask and receive. The planet of action Mars in Gemini is in your second house of earned income and sending positive energy to expansive Jupiter in Aquarius in your professional sector. You are the sign representing material gains and worth. This time will allow you to move into your astrological superpower.

Daily Dating

Art is way more appealing than usual, even if you think of yourself as a connoisseur Look at some new art, create something beautiful of your own, or just head out and enjoy nature's beauty.

Daily Bonus

Who knows what tomorrow will bring? Not you, that's for sure. So stop worrying.