taurus Daily Horoscope for July 25, 2021

July 25, 2021

You’ve got a storm brewing in your brain today, Taurus. Expressive Mercury locks into a tense opposition with emotionally-raw Pluto, helping you hone in on what needs communicating. Rather than keeping a lid on it, aim to release your thoughts in a constructive, honest fashion. Luna’s opposition with irritable Mars increases hostility in your abode, so try to pour your excess energy into home-based projects.

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Daily Love

Keep your balance, Taurus. This, of course, is easier said than done, considering the moon's opposition to go-getter Mars. You are more prone to making rash decisions during this time. Single? It's important that you take a moment to check with yourself, as you are more likely to project harsh feelings onto a significant other (despite whether or not they're to blame). Luna's conjunction to Jupiter magnifies these emotions but, by that same token, you're craving love and affection for your special someone. Mercury's opposition to smoldering Pluto—the ruler of your committed seventh house of relationships—could very well inspire you to speak your truth. Be honest.

Daily Work

Lie low if you can today, Taurus. Mercury, in your solar third house of communications, will clash in a violent opposition with Pluto, stationed in your solar ninth house. You could become entangled in a damaging conflict, debate, or argument with someone today—perhaps even a powerful VIP or authority figure. Don’t rock the boat or else there could be severe consequences. The battle of ideas could feel quite intense, especially if you feel quite passionately about the subject. Also, beware of the messages you broadcast today, whether they are in social media, emails, or the news. The response could be especially unfavorable.

Daily Dating

You're going at a zillion miles per hour, and it seems as if nothing can catch you. But you're starting to run out of steam. Find an easy breezy place to cool your jets before your tank is empty.

Daily Bonus

By not making this decision, you're wasting time. Make your choice and move forward.