Taurus Daily Horoscope Tomorrow

April 22, 2024

The Libra moon forms a harsh opposition with the North Node and Mercury retrograde this morning, dearest Taurus, threatening to pull you away on an emotional rollercoaster. Your sensitivities heighten under this cosmic climate, which could trigger self-criticism if you're not mindful of maintaining a positive outlook. Take time out to nurture your body and mind with a brief walk, healthy foods, and plenty of fluids when Chiron becomes agitated this afternoon, supporting yourself with wellness practices. Consider laying low as evening creeps in and Luna faces off with Venus, taking time to pamper yourself while practicing self-love.

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Loyalty is one of your strongest traits and you've been going to the same mom and pop coffee shop for years. Sure, you could be like the rest of the sheep and patronize the mega-corporate bistros and their overpriced cappalattecinos. But sometimes all you want is a strong cup of Joe, friendly conversation and blueberry scones that are baked fresh every morning.

Daily Home Horoscope

Whether you feel like you are in the midst of the coldest winter, or you live in a warm climate and are craving the cold, make plans to visit an alternate destination. As much as you love your home, a change of pace will make you appreciate it even more.

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