Month of Jan 2019: It's a great new year! Keep taking those steps toward better health and fitness. Even baby steps will take you far if you just don't quit. It's a great time to be more active. Taking better care of yourself might seem like work, but it's the best work you can do.

Get your feet under you on January 1 and have a strong, solid walk, run, or aerobics workout. The sun conjoins Saturn today.

Stick to your own agenda on the fifth during the new moon and solar eclipse. Is it weights or treadmill time? Keep the body balanced.

Venus enters Sagittarius on January 7. Upgrade your moisturizer or shampoo. Feel comfortable and pampered.

The fourteenth and fifteenth are your power days with the moon in Taurus. Do your best and appreciate how much you've improved. Burn those extra calories, sweat, and smile.

Be more passionate about your workout on January 18 when Venus trines Mars. Then get more emotionally into it on the twentieth with the full moon and lunar eclipse.

Feel great and do great on January 22 when Venus conjoins Jupiter. Zumba away! Do two dance classes. Why not? The moon conjoins Venus on the month’s last day. Finish the month sassy and strong.

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