Month of Nov 2018: You're taking good care of yourself. Fashions come and go, prizes and medals and ribbons are all well and good, but you know what this is really all about.

Greet November 1 bright and early and with more spring in your step. Stretch, do the aerobics routine, and feel great all day. Then extend your routine or run on the sixth. Uranus retrogrades into Aries and the moon conjoins Venus. Look good doing it, too!

On November 9, Venus trines Mars. Do your favorite workout and feel more powerful. Pamper yourself afterward. Venus then goes direct on the sixteenth as Mercury goes retrograde. Shop for more pleasing shampoos, soaps, or moisturizers. Maybe take a list with you.

The twenty-first and twenty-second are your power days, with the moon in Taurus. Give thanks for better health and fitness on Thursday, Thanksgiving Day. Make sure to celebrate with a vigorous yoga class, walk, or run before your meal.

Raise the bar when Neptune goes direct on November 24. Celebrate your greater effort with some hot tub time. The twenty-sixth and twenty-seventh could get complicated, but you'll be sure to make time to work out. Try the Mediterranean dance class. More steps. The sun conjoins Mercury on Tuesday. Great work!

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