July 2018: Have summer fun and get your vitamin D while you're on the move. Lounge on the beach and read that novel. Fine. Staying relaxed is part of it. However, you also want to be more active and healthy. On Sunday, July 1, run, walk, or even meditate. Feel better afterward. Relax and soak or swim on Tuesday, and then have a mellow, healthy Fourth of July.

The seventh and eighth are your power days with the moon in Taurus. The farmers' market is calling. Restock lovely, fresh summer fruits and veggies.

Venus enters Virgo on July 9. Concentrate on simpler, more effective workouts, more steps. Then move more on July 12. Drink more water. Good. It's a new moon solar eclipse. Try a new recipe or salad on July 13. Fruit is great in salads, too, you know. Minimize movements and increase intensity in dance or yoga class on July 15. You can do it.

Feel stronger and more determined on the weekend of the twenty-first and twenty-second when the sun enters Leo. Drink more water. Keep it simple at aerobics when Mercury turns retrograde and the sun squares Uranus on the twenty-fifth. Power walk or jog on the twenty-seventh. It's a full moon and lunar eclipse. Beautiful!

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