Month of Oct 2020: Ugh. What’s that creaking sound? Are you in a haunted house or is that your joints? The full moon in Aries on October 1 leaves you stiffer than a mummy. Do some yoga poses to get realigned.

Recommit to your fitness program when Venus enters Virgo on the second. You got this! Embrace your competitive side when Pluto goes back into direct on October 4, you’re always up for a challenge, and it’s a great motivator for working out.

Mercury’s retrograde on the thirteenth will turn you into an amateur fitness coach when your friends ask you for advice. Give them your wisdom and a killer workout plan. Pick your own workout wisely when the new moon is in Libra on October 16. Should you focus more on strength training or cardio?

Continue to get fit with the support of your crew when Vesta enters Virgo and the sun enters Scorpio on the twenty-second. Send each other motivational texts.

Allow yourself to rest when Venus enters Libra on October 27 or you could turn into a zombie. Halloween will be a great night because the blue moon is in your sign. Allow yourself to have fun without worrying about your fitness goals.

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