Month of Dec 2018: You don't need to compare yourself to anyone else. You know your own condition, your own needs, limitations, and challenges. Everybody has some physical issues. Keep working, be steady, and be reasonable with your body.

December 1 is yours to buckle down and have a great workout. Desire may be so high the next day that nothing can discourage you. Do a longer run or swim or more steps. Feel strong the whole time.

Mercury goes direct on the sixth and you’re ready to do more. Try a new body pump class or an extra class. You know if you can handle it.

It's easy to show up on December 13. Do more weights or reps and then consider the hot tub.

The eighteenth and nineteenth are your power days with the moon in Taurus. Eat wisely and keep your energy high.

Do your last-minute holiday shopping on December 21 and count those steps. Carrying packages counts, too. Nail down your holiday menus and food shopping on the twenty-third. You're keeping it healthy and avoiding empty calories.

On December 24 and December 25, work out early and then relax with friends and family. Celebrate a year of better health and fitness. You're rocking it!

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