June 2018: If the old routine is getting stale, now is a great time to sample a new class or try out a new instructor or personal trainer. There's more than one kind of yoga, after all. Or alter your running route. Drastic changes are not required. Keep things fresh and fun. If you're happy as is, better still!

Have a brisk run or walk on June 1 and start the day and month feeling and looking great. Visualize your fitness goal the next day and keep moving toward it. Every step counts. Slowing down is okay. Just don't stop.

Take good care of your skin and hair on the sixth and seventh. It's hot tub time, and maybe time for extra moisturizer and conditioner.

Run, walk, or hike somewhere new and lovely on June 10. That day and the next are your power days with the moon in Taurus. Get out there and shine!

Schedules could get scrambled on the sixteenth, so stay flexible and don't get cheated out of your workout.

Be disciplined, work out, and eat healthfully when Venus opposes Mars on June 21. Summer starts today, with its barbecues and beach parties. Mars goes retrograde on June 26. Fine-tune your yoga positions. Perfect your weights workout. Keep moving. Excellent!

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