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Month of Sep 2019: You are a force to be reckoned with this month, Taurus. Thanks to Mars in fellow earth sign Virgo, you have a boost of energy and stamina. Do you want to try out that new cardio class? Do it! The quincunx between Jupiter and the north node of the moon on September 10 reminds you to have fun while working out. If you make the gym your happy place, you’ll want to go back more often.

Feelings and fitness go hand in hand for you this month. Mercury and Venus enter Libra and there’s a full moon in Pisces, all on the fourteenth. Your body is simply a vessel for emotions, so you want to take care of them both equally. Do some meditation, yoga, or deep breathing to quiet your mind and get grounded.

You’ve been speeding through fitness goals lately, but when Saturn turns direct on September 18, you must slow down or you’ll risk some serious injury. Skip the gym and rest on the twenty-third when the sun enters Libra. Balance is key. Use the power of the new moon in Libra on September 28 to try a new workout. It might become your new favorite thing.

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