Monthly FitnessScope

It's a short month, so don't waste a single hour. You don't have to go gangbusters every single day, but you could. Stay motivated and connected with friends at the gym unless you're running or working out totally on your own. No matter what, feel good about every minute and every step.

Start February 1 with your head held high. Do your workout, do breakfast, and then tackle the day.

Reach a new personal best on the weekend of the fourth and fifth, but don't get reckless.

Venus enters Pisces on February 10. Visualize the new, improved you and gradually see it happen. A new swimsuit or yoga top might be appropriate, too.

The solar eclipse on the fifteenth might complicate your workday, but it will have no effect on your workout schedule. Be smart and strengthen your core. Planks, pushups, and crunches are all good.

February 20 through February 22 are all your power days, with the Moon in Taurus. Do more steps or run or swim an extra lap.

Venus conjoins Neptune in Pisces on February 21. Visualize being a winner. You already are.

Your workout might be easier later in the day on the twenty-fifth. Eat well afterward. You need the fuel. Great progress!

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