August 2018: It's no surprise that most of us aren’t at our ideal weight or shape or anything else. Skip the “ideal” part and focus on health in general - and improvement. Feel good about yourself and do what you know you can, plus maybe a tiny bit more if body and conditions allow.

Do a brisk walk or run on August 1 and feel relaxed. The third, fourth, and fifth are your power days with the moon in Taurus. Drink water, move, and stretch. Venus enters Libra on August 6. Join a new class or group outing unless you're deep into a personal program. Change hair and skin care treatments and feel grand.

Shop smart and healthy on the eighth. Think yummy cool smoothies and fruits. Do the treadmill or elliptical on August 14. Drink more water. Mercury goes direct on the eighteenth. Run, bike, hike, or dance. Yes, party-time dance! Keep moving. Have a modest workout on August 22. Don't skip unless you need a rest day. It happens.

Are the twenty-fifth and twenty-sixth a hot tub weekend? If so, drink extra water and stay hydrated. Mars goes direct on Monday. A burst of energy and motivation could come out of the blue!

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