Month of Jan 2021: It’s a new year and you’re ready to get fit. You have a lot going for you as Mars enters your sign on January 6, giving you an extra boost of stamina and determination to conquer your workout. Get started on those New Year’s resolutions! Start making some changes to your fitness routine when Mercury enters Aquarius and Venus enters Capricorn on the eighth. What can make your workout even better? What can make you even healthier? Think outside the box here.

When the new moon is in Capricorn on January 13, keep working on your goals even if you feel like you’re getting nowhere fast. Your persistence will pay off if you keep moving. Use the energy of the new moon to reaffirm your dedication to your goals. Uranus turning direct the next day will guide you down the right path.

By the time the sun enters Aquarius on the nineteenth, you’ll be feeling good and looking great. Keep that momentum going during the full moon in Leo on January 28. What other workout problems do you need to solve? Brainstorm! Unfortunately, your stamina could take a dip when Mercury retrogrades on the thirtieth. Persist and you’ll be fine.

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