Week of Feb 1, 2021: Establishing balance with a colleague, superior, or client is vital this week. On February 1, the sun in your emotional fourth house will square off with Mars in your seventh house of partnerships. This may lead to the overstepping of boundaries. Make sure a professional level of etiquette and respect is engendered toward the situation and try not to take things personally.

It will be harder to agree with someone you work with on February 4. This is when the moon in your first house of the self will oppose Mars and Uranus in your seventh house of colleagues, which means that you might want to take things in a completely different direction than what your partner desires. This can stimulate further ideas as you find a middle ground. However, it can also ruin the trust you’ve built. Remember: Pride is important, but it doesn’t always get the job done.

Your personal life may overshadow your career by February 6. As Venus and Saturn form a conjunction in your private fourth house, it’s a better time to focus on reworking your inner world rather than pouring all your energy out into your public life. As changes in your personal life ensue, while Venus squares Uranus, give yourself time to process them and rest.

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