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You will be sorely tempted to make a big purchase or some other similar, irrevocable decision early in the week. Try to take a step back and see the big picture before committing yourself and your resources, no matter how persuasive the sales pitch. Your sense of determination will have to be your guide on Wednesday and Thursday; there will be a battle of ideas that you have to win. By Friday you'll know how you did (the odds are in your favor). Coworkers will cause problems over the weekend, so be prepared to put out little fires.

Stellar Guidance

Sex! Death! Transformation! What Power Will this Full Moon in Scorpio Give You?

It's that time of year again: full moon in Scorpio, bursting with the power of sex, death, transformation, and rebirth. Here, Rachel Celeste Hansen shares exactly how this full moon might affect YOU, based on your sun sign.

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