Scorpio Weekly Work Horoscope

Week of July 7, 2024

Speak the career path you want into existence, Scorpio. Your thoughts could become your reality when Mercury in Leo trines the North Node in Aries and sextiles the South Node in Libra on Monday, July 8. The fateful energy could help you align your work life with the career path you want to have. However, you may have to put what you want out into the world by asking questions, talking, and connecting with others. Your communication skills can greatly enhance the opportunity for your career path to go in a different direction. 

By the following day, you may feel more optimistic about your opportunities. You could even believe in the power that you possess to create your dream career path. 

At the end of your workweek, you may feel more committed to pursuing your dream career path when Venus enters Leo on Thursday, July 11. Venus in Leo could even amplify your professional reputation, making you more appealing to new colleagues and clients. 

However, you may need to let go to move forward when Venus in Leo opposes Pluto retrograde in Aquarius the following day. Let go so that you can advance in the career path that you want.

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