scorpio Weekly Work Horoscope for Week of January 16, 2022

Week of January 16, 2022

Everything is about to change thanks to the transits this week, Scorpio!

Starting on Monday, January 17, the full moon in Cancer hits your sector of experiences, expansion, and travel. The last six months may have been educationally enlightening, as you may have had several opportunities to experience new opportunities within your profession. The lunation could represent the end of an educational workshop or seminar, the finalization of travel plans, and even the peak in your experiences. You have learned quite a lot that could serve you in your career! The next day, Uranus stations direct and the north node retrograde enters a new Zodiacal axis. Now direct, Uranus is causing a bit of chaos in your sector of commitments. You may see a change of value or even loyalty within your professional relationships, contracts, and other pertinent obligations. Aside from this, the north node retrograde is now in Taurus, indicating that the south node retrograde is in your sign, which impacts the sectors of “me” and “we”. The rest of this year will be about self-mastery, understanding the value of comradery, and teamwork as you do not have to do it all by yourself when it comes to work.