Scorpio Weekly Work Horoscope

Week of March 10, 2024

What could you create, Scorpio? Your imagination will be heightened during the new moon in Pisces on Sunday, March 10. Since the new moon will begin a new six-month cycle, this could encourage you to branch out in your work life. You may feel inclined to pursue a talent, hobby, or passion project in your work life. If you set the intention to do so, then this could be a creatively fulfilling lunar cycle. 

Given that Mercury in Aries will also sextile Pluto in Aquarius, you may feel ready for a change of pace in your work life. Do not be afraid to start talking about what you want to do, create, and pursue. If your job does not support your creative endeavors, you may have to set aside time to work on your passion projects. 

No matter what, you may feel notably supported by coworkers and loved ones alike since Venus will become exalted in Pisces the following day. The Venusian energy will be extra artistic and magical. With people by your side to support your creative direction, you may feel unstoppable. Afterward, the remainder of your workweek might be easygoing despite moving slowly.

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