Capricorn Weekly Love Horoscope

Week of December 3, 2023

Venus enters Scorpio on December 4. This transit is going to grace your relationship sector. If single, you are seeking a nurturing and grounding intensity. Surround yourself with those who take you seriously. It's okay to mix business with pleasure as you have strong ambitions. Coupled Capricorns will look for ways to carry their partners. Communication and acts of support go a long way. Communication deepens as Scorpio's energy influences you to ask for more. Be mindful that work-related stress can get in the way of your romantic life. Find a way to parse the two. 

Neptune stations direct in Pisces on December 6. When it comes to love, your creativity will be heightened, and you may want to escape from your current responsibilities. Again, try to achieve a balance between work and love by making time for both. Grounding your connections will make lasting connections if you work toward them.

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