Capricorn Weekly Love Horoscope

Week of May 5, 2024

You are seeking stability and commitment in your relationships this week. To manifest this, there is a new moon in Taurus on May 7. You're likely to feel grounded and secure in matters of the heart. This is a time to honor your commitments and nurture the emotional bonds that bring you closer to your partner. Express your love and affection through practical gestures and acts of service. You may find yourself focused on building a solid foundation for your relationship and investing in the long-term success of your partnership. 

Things may feel a little out of balance when trying to juggle work and love. While it's important to prioritize your career and responsibilities, don't neglect the emotional needs of your partner. Embrace the stability and reliability you bring to your relationships, and allow yourself to deepen your connection with your partner through mutual trust and respect.

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Weekly Work Horoscope

It might be time to address a hurtful comment, Capricorn. April might have been notably stressful due to Mercury retrograde. The retrograde may have caused more havoc, which could have thrown you off your usual work-life balance. Your loved ones may have even commented on your career path and priorities more than usual.  Since Mercury in Aries will conjunct Chiron in Aries on Monday, May 6, you may feel like you are going through a whiplash. The conjunction could echo whatever occurred in April, especially if your loved ones are giving you...

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Weekly Dating Horoscope

Monday brings a new chance for a kind of romance that you thought you weren't interested in any more. You could have more fun than you thought possible. Someone new might seem to be a little too silly for you midweek, but you'll manage to straighten them out pretty quickly. A new plan for the weekend will work out really well for you and your people, though Sunday might be a bit weird as people try to convince you that they are more than they appear to be.

Capricorn Daily Love Horoscope

May 18

You are dancing within one of the sweetest periods of 2024, Capricorn. In fact, today is known as the luckiest day of the year! Our great luminary, the mighty sun, is sizzling through the heavens and will cozy up in a perfect conjunction with our Great Benefic, glorious Jupiter, dancing in your...

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Capricorn Monthly Love Horoscope

Month of May 2024

On May 7, a new moon in security-seeking Taurus gives you a renewed sense of stability. You know what you want and you’re pretty sure you know how to get it, which is half the battle when it comes to love, your emotions, and other confusing things. On the fourteenth, emotionally supportive Ceres...

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Capricorn Yearly Love Horoscope

Year of 2024

Capricorn, you have a fiery, passionate side that few people see, because on the outside you’re that steady earth sign who rarely lets their true emotions show. With this year’s emphasis on communication, however, your challenge is to show your feelings more often and express what is not only on...

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