gemini Weekly Love Horoscope for Week of May 16, 2021

Week of May 16, 2021

You’re exploring your emotional depth this week. On May 17, the sun in your spiritual twelfth house will trine Pluto in your intimate eighth house, encouraging you to connect with a lover emotionally and soulfully. Sometimes, the truth can’t be communicated through words, but feelings. Allow these feelings to be intuitively discovered.

Your relationships may change as you change. May 17 is also when Venus will join forces with the North Node in your sign, encouraging you to embrace the person you’re meant to be. The relationships that will last are the relationships that grow with you. Learn how to fall in love with the person you’re becoming and the person your lover is becoming all over again. On May 17, Venus will trine Saturn in your expansive ninth house, aiding you as you remain open to the way you and your lover are evolving.

Confidence and flashiness may burst through you by May 21, when the sun in Gemini squares off with Jupiter in your competitive tenth house. Honor your strengths, but try to keep your ego in check, as it could leave a lover feeling defeated. And remember, you don’t have to know where you’re going. On May 22, Mercury in Gemini will square Neptune in your ambitious tenth house, which may leave you feeling aimless. Appreciate the present moment.