Taurus Weekly Love Horoscope for Week of August 7, 2022

Week of August 7, 2022

Be mindful that you're not letting the excitement of familiar bonds cloud your judgment. It's easy to make mistakes in love while Venus is moving backward, and you won't want to get back on a ride that didn't go so well for you the first time. Pay special attention to these sentiments as your romantic bonds will feel incredibly intense, and it would be easy to lose yourself in a new relationship if you don't pace yourself.

In order to survive this intense week, remember to take things slow if you find yourself involved in a fresh romance. Take care that you don't ignore red flags either, even if you can still see the good in someone, and above all else — put yourself first! This will be especially important to remember when the planets are asking you to remember your personal power while embracing your identity.

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