taurus Weekly Love Horoscope for Week of September 26, 2021

Week of September 26, 2021

It’s true: Mercury retrograde has returned, Taurus! While this will certainly bring a surge of confusion for you around employment affairs, you could decide to utilize the lighter schedule to devote more time to dating or the expansion of your heart. However, it is never advised to officially begin a relationship or make any long-term plans during this period, as they will be forged on rocky ground. Instead, just focus on fun!

We have a very cosmic week, with many planets trading glances in the sky. On September 29, Venus in your seventh house trines Neptune in your eleventh, ensuring romance could blossom when circulating amongst friends. Committed Tauruses should plan a delightful dinner with their beloved. 

Next, Venus in your seventh house will square jovial Jupiter on September 30, causing you to want to live large and prosper with your sweetheart at your side. Indulge in pleasure, gifts, and romance, but don’t go outside of your means or you could feel hungover tomorrow.

Lastly, Venus in your seventh house sextiles Pluto on October 2, bringing you a surge of passion and intensity to make plans and commitments. Enjoy yourself deeply with your partner huddled close. 

Singles could connect with a karmic twin flame!