2022 is here! Reveal what’s to come in love, health, career, and finances with a personalized 2022 Horoscope. 2022 is here! Reveal what’s to come in love, health, career, and finances with a personalized 2022 Horoscope.

libra Weekly Horoscope for Week of January 9, 2022

Week of January 9, 2022

The week you might be pushing to move forward. Libra, you'll need to show a little restraint.

The week begins on Sunday, Jan. 9, with the sun in Capricorn, in your house of home and family, making a semi-sextile to Mars in Sagittarius in your house of communication. Today there can be an irritating amount of miscommunication. This goes beyond your teenagers not listening when you ask them to take out the trash or empty the dishwasher. Be careful about sending texts and emails as a miscommunication could put you in some hot water.

On Monday, Jan. 10, the sun moves forward to make a sextile to Neptune in Pisces in your house of work. Today, Libra, you are in the flow, and things just magically seem to come together. There's a parking place right by the grocery store entrance, Amazon delivers a day early, and someone did empty the dishwasher. Why not capitalize on this energy by doing a little journaling, calling a friend, or buying a lottery scratcher?

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Weekly Love

Love is exciting and interesting this week for you, lovely Libra. On Jan. 8, prepare to feel like you’re walking on sunshine, during the sun and Venus retrograde connection, when your crush or significant others asserts their feelings through poetic means. Your newfound romance or existing relationship blossoms at the end of the week when Mercury turns retrograde on the fourteenth. The rest of the week should be smooth sailing for you if you don’t tilt the scales. The advice for this week is not to get so caught up in this delicious rapture...

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Weekly Work

Like always, be sure to make the best of your situation as the transits unfold throughout the week, Libra.

Starting on Sunday, Jan. 9, the first quarter moon in Aries focuses on your professional commitments and partnerships. You should especially focus on professional arrangements that allow you to stand out throughout this lunation! Shortly after, Neptune will make work a bit difficult, as it sextiles the sun and squares Mars, making balancing your work-life duties easier. However, Neptune could add a confusing effect to your...

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Weekly Dating

You will need to step up and accept a change or two that comes down on Monday. If you do, then life will start to get a lot easier for you and pretty much everyone that you know. Explore the edges of your world later in the week, because that's where the most interesting stuff is happening. If you're looking for a new romance, it's out there. The weekend will see you run up against a brick wall of some sort, and that might get pretty frustrating if you don't see it coming.