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It's okay to dream big, especially this week, especially on Monday. When you talk about your vision for the future, people are captivated. And naturally they want to help. And certainly you'd be glad to have their assistance. Spend Tuesday and Wednesday listening to their ideas and enjoying each other's company. Then, on Thursday, when the engine of this project really kicks into gear, everyone will be in a good place. (You'll be extra happy due to a simultaneous surge of passion in your love life.) Over the weekend, try not to obsess about the business reality of this new project. That's not what it's about.

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Stellar Guidance

Sex! Death! Transformation! What Power Will this Full Moon in Scorpio Give You?

It's that time of year again: full moon in Scorpio, bursting with the power of sex, death, transformation, and rebirth. Here, Rachel Celeste Hansen shares exactly how this full moon might affect YOU, based on your sun sign.

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