Week of Jun 22, 2020: With your ruling planet, romantic Venus, retrograde in your ninth house of higher learning since May 13, you might have felt a bit blue about having to hit pause on dreaming big and making future, horizon-broadening plans. Thankfully, you’ll have from June 25 to August 7 to dive into those waters once more. Self-assuredness and specificity can set you on a promising path. 

Then, if you’ve been wanting to tackle a major undertaking with your significant other, a dear friend, or close colleague, you’ll get a blast of take-charge energy to apply to one-on-one efforts while go-getter Mars moves through your seventh house of partnership from June 27 to September 9 (when it goes retrograde). This transit can also amp up the likelihood that you’ll clash with those closest connections, but leaning into your natural diplomatic ways can make for smoother sailing. 

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