Maybe you're planning a special gift for your sweetie or looking to let someone know you're interested. Why wait for a holiday or just the right moment? Put that little romantic notion into motion at the beginning of this week. From Wednesday through Friday, there's a fine line between advice and meddling, so be wary about what you're told (and what you dish out!). The weekend looks gorgeous for romance, with your heart and mind working in tandem -- and going a mile a minute. Plan both intellectually stimulating and physically challenging activities to engage your whole self.

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Stellar Guidance

Sex! Death! Transformation! What Power Will this Full Moon in Scorpio Give You?

It's that time of year again: full moon in Scorpio, bursting with the power of sex, death, transformation, and rebirth. Here, Rachel Celeste Hansen shares exactly how this full moon might affect YOU, based on your sun sign.

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