Week of Jan 25, 2021: This week, you could find yourself building emotional depth in a relationship that surprises you. On January 26, the moon transits your seventh house of partnerships as it opposes the Venus-Pluto conjunction in your first house of the self, inspiring a desire to give yourself a makeover and embrace a transformation of your identity. This might shock some people in your life, but it will also deepen your bond with someone who loves this new side of you.

As the full moon rises in your intense eighth house on the twenty-eighth, it could reveal the ways you or your lover exerts control or attempts to manipulate the other. However, manipulation will only be tolerated so far, and as this full moon opposes Saturn and Jupiter in your second house of boundaries, it offers a sobering reminder that the only person you have control over is you. Let this full moon deepen the level of respect you have for each other’s decisions.

Romantic energy is sweeping through you by the end of the week. On January 30, the moon moves through your adventurous ninth house as it forms a trine with Mars and Uranus in your passionate fifth house. It’s a beautiful time to go on a unique date (or try something different in the bedroom).

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