Week of Jan 25, 2021: You could be processing some shocking realizations as the week begins. On January 26, the sun in your truth-seeking ninth house squares Uranus in your twelfth house of the subconscious, encouraging unexpected surges of insight that may change your perception of a relationship. By the twenty-eighth, the relationship could even feel transformed as Venus and Pluto conjoin in your eighth house of rebirth. A precedent in your love life may be coming to an end only to pave the way for a new beginning and a deeper love.

A startling piece of information could also surface when the full moon takes place in your third house of communication. This information could be a piece of gossip, fact, or even an idea. As the full moon opposes Saturn and Jupiter in your philosophical ninth house, it tests your willingness to do something positive with this information. Let it serve your relationship’s highest purpose.

On January 30, Mercury stations retrograde in your ninth house of long-term goals, which could leave you questioning where your future is taking you. Does a relationship look like it’s becoming serious? Or do you feel like you’d rather focus on your independence and personal growth?

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