Weekly TravelScope

Nice guys don't necessarily always finish last, but when moving in unfamiliar territory, it's best to keep a neutral face. That doesn't mean you have to look grim or forbidding -- just keep in mind that a big, welcoming grin can mean different things (and not all of them salubrious) depending on the setting. So study up on the cultural habits and norms of this place you're going to and, once you arrive, study the behaviors of the locals for a few days. You're a remarkably quick learner and a crash course will show you the way.

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Many Moons

HOW TO HARNESS THE MOON: Zodiac Tips for Every Sign

Tomorrow's new moon is a potent one, and every sign in the Zodiac has its own strength of connection. Find out how you can best align yourself with one of the most powerful phases of the moon, based on your sign.

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