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aries Weekly Work Horoscope for Week of December 5, 2021

Week of December 5, 2021

The first week of December looks like it could be relatively productive, perfect for capitalizing on your new moon goals!

From Sunday to Tuesday, December 5 to 7, Mars will sextile Pluto, bringing your buried ambition to light. The powerful sextile links your hidden sector of transformation and investments to your professional sector of career and accomplishments. These few days can be massively influential in your career, as you may be ultra-competitive to be the very best. However, try not to let little annoyances turn into larger-than-life issues. Know when to blow off some steam so that you do not lash out! Meanwhile, Mars also squares Jupiter from Monday to Thursday, December 6 to 9. The square could be the point of annoyance as it indicates an obstacle in reaching your professional dreams. Mediating any issues could be solved, but only if you are willing to ask for a bit of help from your professional network! Luckily, taking action may come naturally under the first quarter moon in Pisces on Friday, December 10. The sweet, mutable lunation asks you to lean into absolution. Letting go of frustrations and any issues asking for help becomes a bit easier under this lunation.