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aries Weekly Work Horoscope for Week of November 21, 2021

Week of November 21, 2021

Last week may have felt stressful, but luckily, this week looks significantly calmer. Aries, consider everything that happened last week to make the right investments during this week.

Starting on Sunday, November 21, the sun enters Sagittarius, a fellow fire sign! Sagittarius season is going to stoke your passion for your profession as you forge forward. It is the perfect season to explore new territory within your field, which may widen your professional perspective. The chance to explore new concepts or hone your skills will be more feasible after Mercury enters Sagittarius on Wednesday, November 24. However, Mercury will be in its detriment, so be mindful of speaking impulsively at work. There is a beautiful sextile between Venus and Mars all week long, which joins your hidden sector for transformation and investment with your sector of career. You may feel more productive with transforming your career path. Sagittarius season may encourage you to take a leap of faith, so the sextile can facilitate the capabilities for you to try something new in your career.

Your week ends with the last quarter moon in Virgo on Saturday, November 27. The editorial lunation ties up loose ends from work this week.