The Devil & Ace of Wands Tarot Card Combination and Meaning

The Devil and Ace of Wands Combination - Understanding the Deep Meaning of this Tarot Card Pairing

Tarot card readings are an ancient art of predicting the future, offering insight and guidance to its seekers. Among the 78 tarot cards, each one has a unique meaning and significance which can further be understood and deepened when combined with other cards. One such tarot card combination that has caught the attention of many is The Devil and Ace of Wands.

The Devil Card

The Devil is among the 22 Major Arcana cards of a tarot deck. It is the 15th card in the series and represents the archetype of the devil, temptation, and materialism. In a tarot reading, this card may indicate a sense of being trapped, addicted or enslaved by materialistic pleasures and behaviors. The Devil is commonly depicted as a horned figure, often with wings, in chains or holding a pitchfork with a naked man and woman beneath him. The chains represent the captivity of the mind and the pitchfork symbolizes the evil nature of temptation. The other man and woman in the card are symbolic of our primal selves. When The Devil appears in a reading, it can also indicate that an individual may be overly focused on their own desires and may need a reality check to realize that their behavior is hurting others or causing chaos for themselves.

Ace of Wands Card

The Ace of Wands is one of the 56 Minor Arcana cards and is the first card in the suit of Wands. It is typically associated with fire and symbolizes new beginnings, creativity, and inspiration. The Ace of Wands displays a hand holding a branch, which represents the wands suit, sprouting new shoots and leaves. This image is symbolic of new growth and potential. In a tarot reading, this card can indicate that the seeker is ready to take on new, exciting endeavors or is feeling inspired by a creative project. It is a symbol of passion, energy, and power.

The Devil and Ace of Wands Combination

When The Devil and Ace of Wands appear in a tarot reading together, it can have a significant meaning that should be understood in context with the other cards in the spread. At first glance, one may assume that The Devil and Ace of Wands together indicate a negative outcome. However, many tarot readers interpret this combination as a message that the seeker is in a state of transformation where they are ready to take control or break free from their materialistic dependencies with the help of their creative side. It is possible that the seeker is in a vulnerable state, possibly feeling trapped in negative patterns that may be blocking their progress. The Ace of Wands then serves as a reminder of their creative potential, awakening their inner fire and desire for a new beginning. This tarot combination suggests that this is a time to tap into the seeker’s creative side and becoming in tune with their inner selves. They should consider ways to build a more meaningful life for themselves, filled with passion and purpose.


Tarot card readings offer insight into the conscious and unconscious mind, and deepening our understanding of the meanings behind certain tarot card combinations holds an abundance of wisdom. The Devil and Ace of Wands are two pivotal tarot cards, and when they come together, it is a sign of transformation, self-discovery, and a rebuilding of oneself. This tarot combination inspires seekers to break free from their materialistic dependencies and transition into a life of passion, creativity, and authenticity.