The World & Five of Cups Tarot Card Combination and Meaning


Tarot card combinations can provide insightful messages about our lives. In this article, we will explore the meaning of the tarot card combination of The World and Five of Cups.

The World

The World card is the 21st card of the Major Arcana and signifies completion and attainment. This card depicts a dancer in the center of the card, surrounded by four symbolic creatures representing the four elements – a lion for fire, an eagle for air, a bull for earth, and an angel for water. The World card is a sign of accomplishment, liberation, and realisation of a goal. It represents the end of a cycle in life and the beginning of a new phase.

Five of Cups

The Five of Cups is the fifth card of the Cups suit and signifies disappointment, loss, regret, and sorrow. This card shows a person dressed in black, standing in front of three spilled cups, while two other cups remain upright behind them. The Five of Cups represents mourning and grief over missed opportunities, broken relationships, and unfulfilled dreams. It portrays a sense of despair and sadness, a feeling of being stuck in the past and unable to move forward.

The Combination

The World and Five of Cups is an interesting combination that offers both positive and negative interpretations. On the positive side, this combination can indicate a state of completion, marking the end of a journey. It may be a time to celebrate achievements and accomplishments from the past. Following a journey of learning through difficult experiences, The World card may offer a promise of new opportunities and the chance to start afresh. In this context, the Five of Cups represents a phase of sadness and grief, which is necessary to embrace to make peace with the past and move on. On the negative side, this combination can suggest being stuck in a phase of grief and sadness for too long. The mourning and regret represented by the Five of Cups may be preventing us from moving forward and embracing new opportunities. The World card urges us to let go of past pains and disappointments and start afresh. We must embrace change and see the world with new eyes.


The tarot card combination of The World and Five of Cups illustrates the cycles of life, which consist of endings and new beginnings. It reminds us that we must embrace change and learn from our past experiences to grow and evolve. Although the Five of Cups represents sadness and loss, The World card offers a glimmer of hope, encouraging us to move forward with a fresh perspective.