The Temperance & Five of Swords Tarot Card Combination and Meaning


Tarot cards are powerful tools that can provide us with deep insights and guidance. Each card has its own unique meaning, but the combinations of cards can provide even deeper insights. In this article, we will explore the meaning of the tarot card combination of The Temperance and Five of Swords.

The Temperance Card

The Temperance card is the fourteenth card in the Major Arcana. This card represents balance, harmony, and moderation. The card depicts an angelic figure, standing with one foot on the land and one in the water, pouring water from one cup to another. This card is a message to maintain a balance in all aspects of our lives – physical, emotional, and spiritual. The Temperance card is about finding the middle way and maintaining a state of equilibrium.

The Five of Swords Card

The Five of Swords card is a part of the Minor Arcana and represents conflict, manipulation, and deceit. The card depicts a person holding three swords, while two others lie on the ground behind them. The person seems to be smirking, which suggests they have won the battle, but at a great cost. This card warns us of the dangers of selfishness and the manipulation of others. It is a reminder to be cautious of our actions and to consider the consequences of our actions on others.

The Meaning of The Temperance and Five of Swords Combination

The combination of The Temperance and Five of Swords is a complex one, as these cards represent opposing themes. When these two cards appear together, it suggests that there is a need to find a balance between two opposing forces. It is possible that there might be a conflict of opinions or a disagreement with someone close to us. The Five of Swords warns us to be careful of our actions and words, while The Temperance reminds us to maintain our composure and be patient. This combination suggests that one should use diplomacy and tact to resolve conflicts rather than resorting to manipulation or deceit. Alternatively, this combination could also indicate the need to find a middle ground between two extremes. The Temperance card urges us to seek harmony and balance, while the Five of Swords reminds us to be cautious of those who might try to take advantage of us. In conclusion, the combination of The Temperance and Five of Swords urges us to maintain a balance and find a middle way when dealing with conflicts or opposing forces. It reminds us to be cautious of our actions, words, and intentions and to approach situations with diplomacy and tact. By striving for harmony and balance, we can navigate through life's challenges with grace and wisdom.