Nine of Cups & Page of Swords Tarot Card Combination and Meaning

Understanding the Nine of Cups

The Nine of Cups is also known as the 'wish card' or the 'card of wishes come true'. It is a Minor Arcana card that portrays happiness, satisfaction, and fulfilment. In the card, we see a figure sitting on a bench with nine cups arranged in an arch behind them, giving the impression of abundance and indulgence. The cups represent emotional, material, and spiritual success, which the person has achieved through self-discipline, hard work, and focus. The Nine of Cups is a card of celebration and joy, indicating that our wishes and desires have been fulfilled.

Understanding the Page of Swords

The Page of Swords presents a youthful figure standing on a hill, with a sword in their hand, which they hold upright. The card portrays a bold and determined attitude towards the challenges that the person may face. The Page of Swords is a Minor Arcana card that suggests the importance of speaking one's truth, taking action, and making decisions. This card is all about delivering clear and concise communication, and wielding the power of the mind, which can help us achieve our goals and overcome obstacles.

Interpreting the Tarot Card Combination of Nine of Cups and Page of Swords

The combination of the Nine of Cups and Page of Swords denotes the manifestation of our deepest desires and wishes fulfilled through intelligence, perspective, and self-discipline. This card combination represents a time of celebration and personal satisfaction, achieved through the power of the mind and the ability to clearly express our thoughts and feelings. It speaks of a time where we can be our own advocate, and confidently stand up for what we believe in. The Page of Swords can indicate the need to communicate assertively, to cut through any perceived obstacles, and to gain clarity. The Nine of Cups tells us that we can achieve a great sense of personal fulfilment and joy when we communicate our needs effectively and take action towards our goals. The Page of Swords, combined with the Nine of Cups, indicates that we have the power within ourselves to create the life we desire and to overcome any obstacle that might come our way.


The Tarot card combination of Nine of Cups and Page of Swords is a potent call-to-action, suggesting that we take a firm stance and communicate clearly to create the life we want. It speaks of confidence, fulfilment, and achievement, which are all within our reach if we stay focused, remain disciplined, and communicate our desires clearly. By paying attention to the messages of these two cards, we can develop the strength and clear thinking necessary to meet any challenges that may arise, and to ultimately achieve our goals.