Nine of Cups & Seven of Swords Tarot Card Combination and Meaning

Understanding Tarot Card Combinations: Nine of Cups and Seven of Swords

Tarot card combinations can be an invaluable tool for gaining deep insights into various aspects of our lives. In this article, we will explore the tarot card combination of Nine of Cups and Seven of Swords.

Nine of Cups: Meaning and Interpretation

The Nine of Cups is a Minor Arcana card that represents emotional fulfillment, satisfaction, and contentment. The card depicts a man sitting comfortably with his arms crossed and a smug expression on his face. The nine cups on the table behind him symbolize his material and emotional achievements, suggesting that he has all he needs to be happy. The Nine of Cups often signifies the attainment of personal goals, desires, and aspirations. In a Tarot reading, this card suggests that you are on the path to success and that your efforts are paying off. It is a card of joy, abundance, and happiness.

Seven of Swords: Meaning and Interpretation

The Seven of Swords is a Minor Arcana card that represents deceit, betrayal, and theft. The card depicts a man sneaking away in the dead of night with five swords in his hands. Two other swords remain planted in the ground, suggesting that there is more to this situation than meets the eye. In a Tarot reading, the Seven of Swords can suggest that you or someone close to you is being dishonest or sneaky. It may indicate that you are not seeing the whole picture or that someone is intentionally withholding information from you. It is a warning to be vigilant and cautious in your dealings with others.

Nine of Cups Combined with Seven of Swords

When the Nine of Cups and the Seven of Swords appear together in a Tarot reading, their combined meaning can be complex and challenging to interpret. On one hand, the Nine of Cups suggests emotional fulfillment and material success, while the Seven of Swords suggests deceit and betrayal. This combination may indicate that someone close to you is misleading you or taking advantage of your success. It may warn against complacency and suggest the need to be vigilant and careful with your dealings. On the other hand, this combination may suggest that you are letting your success and achievements blind you to the actions of others. It may indicate the need to step back and reassess your goals and relationships. In any case, this combination serves as a reminder that not everything is as it seems and that success can come with a price. It is important to stay grounded and maintain a clear perspective in order to protect yourself and your interests.


The Nine of Cups and Seven of Swords is a challenging Tarot card combination that requires careful interpretation and analysis. By understanding the meanings of each card and their relationship to one another, we can gain deeper insights into our lives and the situations we face. Remember, Tarot card combinations act as a tool for gaining valuable information, but it is up to us to use that information in a responsible and positive way.