The Lovers & Nine of Wands Tarot Card Combination and Meaning

The Lovers and Nine of Wands: A Meaningful Tarot Card Combination

Tarot cards are a great tool to gain insight into our past, present, and future. Each tarot card has unique symbolism and meaning, and when combined with other cards, they create a narrative that can help readers understand what is happening in their lives. In this article, we will explore the tarot card combination of The Lovers and Nine of Wands.

The Lovers Tarot Card

The Lovers card is one of the most iconic tarot cards in the Major Arcana. In most tarot decks, the card depicts a man and a woman standing naked in a garden, with the Archangel Raphael hovering above them. The card is associated with love, relationships, and choices. It implies that one must choose between two paths or two lovers. It can also signify temptation, desire and an important decision about love.

Nine of Wands Tarot Card

The Nine of Wands tarot card is a Minor Arcana card that typically depicts a man standing with a wand in his hand. This card is associated with resilience, courage, and strength. It indicates that the querent has been through a long and difficult struggle, but they are close to achieving their goal. They are strong, courageous and determined.

The Meaning of The Lovers and Nine of Wands

When these two cards appear together in a tarot card reading, it can indicate a time of great emotional stress and turmoil. It suggests that the querent is facing a tough decision that will require strength, courage and determination. The choice may involve a romantic relationship or some other situation in which the querent is required to choose between two paths. The Nine of Wands reinforces the idea that the querent must be strong and courageous in the face of difficulty. The card suggests that the querent has been through a long and hard journey already, and that they must not give up now. The Lovers suggests the importance of making a decision that will have long term and spiritual consequences. The combination of The Lovers and Nine of wands also suggests that the querent's choices may come with consequences that they must be prepared to face. They must be prepared to take responsibility for their decisions and be ready to face the potential fallout.

A Cautionary Message

While The Lovers and Nine of Wands can be a powerful combination when it comes to decision-making or standing up for oneself, it must be noted that they can also indicate that the querent is nearing the end of their spiritual journey. The decision that the querent is facing may be one of the last obstacles they need to overcome to reach their ultimate goal. Thus, this tarot card combination could sometimes indicate a risk of taking a wrong decision with life-altering consequences.


In summary, The Lovers and Nine of Wands combination in a Tarot reading can be one of the most intense combinations, which requires careful interpretation. It indicates a time of decision making that will require immense strength, resilience, and courage. The combination also reveals the challenging nature of the situation but also a sign of the querent's spiritual growth. Finally, the combination suggests the importance of stopping, thinking and trusting one's own judgment before making a final decision on love, career or personal life.