Eight of Wands & Six of Cups Tarot Card Combination and Meaning

The Eight of Wands and Six of Cups Tarot Combination: Meaning and Interpretations

The tarot has been used as a tool for self-reflection and divination for centuries. Every tarot card carries a distinct meaning, and when cards are combined, they create a unique and nuanced message. In this guide, we will explore the meaning of the tarot card combination of the Eight of Wands and Six of Cups.

The Eight of Wands

The Eight of Wands is a card of movement, speed, and communication. It depicts eight wands flying through the air, indicating a message or action on its way to the querent. The card often signifies swift action, progress, and momentum. It suggests that things are moving quickly and that the querent could be overwhelmed by the speed of events. Alternatively, it could mean that the querent needs to take action urgently to avoid losing an opportunity. In terms of emotions, the Eight of Wands often means excitement, anticipation, and eagerness. It is the card of new beginnings and adventure, indicating that the querent is poised to embark on a new journey or phase of life.

The Six of Cups

The Six of Cups is a card of nostalgia, childhood memories, and simplicity. It typically depicts two children, one holding a cup and the other offering a second cup. The card symbolises generosity, kindness, and emotional security. It also suggests a return to a time when life was simple and carefree. It is a reminder to appreciate the joys and wonders of childhood, even in adulthood. When it comes to relationships, the Six of Cups is often considered a card of soulmates and twin flames, indicating a deep and meaningful connection with another person. It could also suggest reconciliation or forgiveness, especially in family or childhood relationships.

The Combination of Eight of Wands and Six of Cups

When the Eight of Wands and Six of Cups appear together in a tarot reading, it suggests a rapid movement towards a happy reunion or rekindling of an old relationship. It could mean a person from the past is about to come back into the querent's life, someone who left an indelible mark on their heart. Alternatively, this card combination could mean a significant, life-changing experience that will remind the querent of happy memories from their childhood. They may be able to reconnect with a person, passion, or pursuit that held great significance for them in their early years. Ultimately, the Eight of Wands and Six of Cups combination is a message of hope, progress, and happiness. It suggests that the querent is in for an exciting and positive experience that will bring joy and meaning back into their life.


Every tarot card carries a unique meaning, and when combined with another card, the message can become even more specific and intricate. The combination of Eight of Wands and Six of Cups indicates a fast-moving, transformative experience that could reunite the querent with a person or passion that once held great significance in their life. This card combination is a message of hope, happiness, and new beginnings, and encourages the querent to embrace the opportunities and joys that come their way.