Six of Cups & Queen of Cups Tarot Card Combination and Meaning


Tarot card readings can reveal insight into your innermost thoughts and feelings, providing guidance and clarity to navigate life's challenges. One such combination is the Six of Cups and the Queen of Cups. Let’s explore what this combination means and how it can guide you on your journey.

Six of Cups: Joyful Memories

The Six of Cups is a card that often signals the return of joyful memories from the past. The vivid imagery of the card shows a child happily giving a bouquet of flowers to another person. This card is all about nostalgia, happiness, and fond reminiscence of the past. It can refer to a time when you felt more carefree and innocent, the childhood memories that you cherish, or the long-forgotten relationships. When combined with the Queen of Cups, the Six of Cups has a special message. The strong emotional intuition of the Queen of Cups can provide insight into why you have been feeling nostalgic or why your focus has been on the past. This card asks you to embrace the positive memories you have, let fond memories soothe and nurture your soul.

Queen of Cups: Emotional Intelligence

Representing the pinnacle of emotional intelligence, the Queen of Cups is calm, introspective, and intuitive. She is adept at understanding and navigating emotions, which can help her reach her goals. She is nurturing, empathetic and deeply compassionate. In tarot, this card often represents a mother, an emotionally intelligent woman or someone who provides emotional support to others. When combined with the Six of Cups, the Queen of Cups brings a sense of comfort and an understanding of the emotions that come from reminiscing the past. She is the one who can heal your emotional wounds and provide you with the support and affirmation you need to move forward. The Queen of Cups encourages you to listen to your inner voice and keep the past in mind without being swept away by it.

Combining Six of Cups and Queen of Cups

When the Six of Cups and Queen of Cups are brought together in a reading, it can mean that it's necessary to review your past through a more empathetic lens. This combination often indicates that you are seeking emotional nourishment and nurturing from earlier times, whether it's seeking advice from someone you used to trust, staying in a comforting environment, or reviving an old hobby to fulfil your soul. This combination also suggests that you can navigate through this time with the help of a nurturing figure or trust and empathetic friend. This person can help you move forward from reminiscence to present living.

The Bottom Line

The combination of Six of Cups and Queen of Cups reveal the importance of emotional intelligence and the power of joyful memories. Together, these two cards guide you towards healing your past in a nurturing and empathetic approach. These cards suggest that you will find comfort and joy in remembering the joyful moments of past and the present. The more you become in sync with your emotions, the more likely you are to be fulfilled and find happiness in your life.