The Justice & The Devil Tarot Card Combination and Meaning

The Justice and The Devil: Exploring the Tarot Card Combination

In Tarot readings, the combination of The Justice and The Devil cards is among the most intriguing and powerful. As two highly symbolic cards, their meanings often intertwine, creating a reading that can be challenging to interpret. But with a deeper understanding of the significance of each card and how they work together, the combination of The Justice and The Devil can reveal important insights into one's life path, decisions, and state of mind.

The Justice Card

The Justice card is the symbol of impartiality, fairness, and balance in Tarot. It represents the cause-and-effect principles that govern the universe and our moral and ethical decision-making. The card's central figure is a judge sitting on a throne, holding a sword and a scale, representing the decision-making process and the weighing of two sides of an argument. The Justice card signals that a person must make a decision based on rational thinking, objective analysis, and fairness.

The Devil Card

The Devil card, on the other hand, represents the darker side of life. It portrays confinement, addiction, and obsessions. The card depicts a devil that seemingly holds two people captive in chains. The image suggests that the people are being held hostage by their own fears, vices, or addictions. The Devil card can imply a warning against temptation, deceit, and self-destructive behaviour.

The Meaning of The Justice and The Devil Combination

When The Justice card appears in a reading next to The Devil, the combination suggests that the individual is facing a moral dilemma or conflict. The card combination signals that the person must examine a situation in their life from a balanced and impartial perspective. The Devil card suggests that the person may be struggling with an addiction or obsession, which can skew their perception of things. However, the Justice card indicates that the person has the ability to weigh the options and balance the decision. The card recommends that they take a step back and reflect on what is driving their decisions. If they make a decision with a clear and impartial mind, they can move forward in a positive direction.

The Positive and Negative Aspects of the Combination

The combination of The Justice and The Devil card can have both positive and negative implications in readings. On the positive side, the combination of the two cards suggests a resolution of conflict and a newfound sense of balance in decision-making. It can also imply that the person is on the path to overcoming addictions or harmful habits. On the negative side, the card combination can signal an internal struggle with addiction or obsession, which can cause conflict or imbalance in life. It can also say that the person might make decisions with a lack of impartiality or balance, which can lead to negative consequences.


The Justice and The Devil card combination is a potent symbol in Tarot readings. It highlights the importance of balancing rational thinking with emotional impulses, and it warns against being held hostage by negative habits or thought patterns. When The Justice and The Devil cards appear in a reading, the individual must examine their life from a balanced and rational perspective to make the best decisions going forward.