The Justice & Six of Cups Tarot Card Combination and Meaning

The Justice and Six of Cups Tarot Card Combination: A Comprehensive Guide

In Tarot card reading, each card carries its unique symbolism and meaning. When they appear together in a spread, Tarot card combinations offer a deeper insight into the querent's life, challenges, and opportunities. Justice and Six of Cups is a powerful Tarot card combination that carries a significant message. Here's everything you need to know about this combination:

Overview of Justice and Six of Cups Tarot Cards

Justice and Six of Cups appear side by side in a Tarot card reading, indicating that the situation at hand relates to relationships, partnerships, and the past. The Justice card represents balance, fairness, and legal matters, while the Six of Cups symbolizes nostalgia, childhood memories, and healing from past wounds.

Interpretation of the Justice and Six of Cups Tarot Combination

This Tarot combination suggests that the querent is grappling with past hurts or unresolved issues related to a past relationship or partnership. The Justice card indicates that they need to find a sense of balance and impartiality in this situation. They may need to let go of any resentments or bitterness and approach the situation with fairness and rationality. The Six of Cups signifies healing from past traumas, forgiving oneself and others, and finding closure. This card reminds the querent to revisit childhood memories, reconnect with their inner child, and rediscover the innocence, joy, and happiness of youth. Together, these cards suggest that the querent needs to face their past head-on, heal any wounds, and find a sense of balance and resolution. They may need to revisit their childhood or reconnect with someone from their past to find closure.

Upright vs Reversed Interpretation

In the upright position, the Justice and Six of Cups tarot combination suggests a positive outcome in legal matters or equitable partnerships. The querent is on the right path to finding closure, healing, and balance in their life. If the cards appear in a reversed position, it indicates that the querent's past is still haunting them, and they may be struggling to let go of past grudges, resentments, and betrayals. The Justice card may indicate legal challenges, unfairness, or imbalance, while the Six of Cups may indicate unresolved trauma, nostalgia, or an inability to move on from the past.

Final Thoughts

The Justice and Six of Cups Tarot card combination is a powerful tool for gaining insight and guidance in relationships, legal matters, and emotional healing. When these cards appear together in a spread, it's a sign to confront the past, heal from past wounds, and find closure. By doing so, the querent can find a sense of balance, fairness, and harmony in their life.